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    Happy New Year & Greetings!

    I’ve encountered the same issue after updating.  https://www.rangersflyingclub.org/

    The design requires a wrapping color of #0D40A6 but it was lost; I followed the above directions but it did not restore.  I could attach a screen shot if it would be helpful.  Could you help?

    Thank you.




    Your setting is there, but there is an overriding rule that sets the background color to transparent and the rule has !important on it.


    body.custom-background {background-color: transparent !important;}

    Check if you have not entered the rule in a CSS+ box or in the theme Global Custom CSS Rule box


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    This issue will be fixed in Weaver Xtreme V5.0.4 in a few days.

    It results from stopping support for the obsolete WP default background color option which is not really being supported by newer themes.

    Turns out that rule scrambler described was part of doing that, but had other unintended consequences. You should be able to add a custom CSS rule with the background color you want if you also add !important to it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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