The Weaver Support Forum is based on the WordPress bbPress. As such, many of the features of a standard WordPress site will be available - such as the Registration / Login / Password Recovery. This page covers some of the basic features of the forum.

You MUST be Registered and Logged In

To use this forum, you must be a registered, logged in user. We will not share any of your information with any 3rd parties. We may, very rarely, send e-mails to you with relevant information. You e-mail address may also be used for private e-mail messages.

Your Profile

When you create a login for this site, an extended standard WordPress profile is created for you. You can edit and change the profile settings.

After you login, you can click on your user name link shown at the top of the sidebar to open your Profile. You can edit the profile to see links to topics you've started, your replies, favorites, and subscriptions. If you click the Edit link, you can change your password, and fill out the other relevant fields normally associated with a WordPress user profile.

Profile Privacy: By default, your profile is visible to all logged in users. Normally, your profile does not contain significant private information, but rather information about your posts on the forum which can be helpful to other users. If you would like to hide your profile from other users, open your profile, then click on the Edit link. Under the Contact Info section is a checkbox that will hide your profile to other forum Participants. (Your profile will always be visible to Moderators.) Note that at the same point, you can uncheck the option to receive email notices when someone else mentions you in a post with the @ marker.

User Avatar: You will notice that the Forum uses Avatars for all users. The Forum will use your Gravatar avatar. You can setup your Gravater at This is the only web based avatar the Forum will use. If you don't have a Gravatar, the Weaver Support Forum will use the WP Identicon generated avatar.

Site Home Page

The Weaver Support Forum Front page has a sidebar with a Login link (which shows specific information about you after you've logged in). The front page also show topics ordered by those with the most recent activity first. You can go directly to any of the specific Forums by using the Forums menu on the menu bar.

Forums, Discussions, Replies

This site is organized into several different Forums (Categories on the previous forum) such as Weaver Xtreme Theme, Showcase, and so on. Each Forum contains Discussions (also called Topics).

Viewing Forums and Discussions

  • Topic - While viewing a Forum page or the Home page, Topic Titles are shown first. To read a Discussion, click the title.
  • Unread Topics - Topics that you have not yet read are indicated by vertical dark green bar on the left of the topic row. If there is a new reply, a flag icon is displayed to the right of the Topic Title, and you can click it to go directly the unread answer.
  • Voices - The Voices column displays how many different users have participated in the Discussion.
  • Posts - How many different posts have been made for the Discussion
  • Freshness - Shows how recently a Topic has had a new reply, and who was the last user to reply.
  • Views - Total number of times a topic has been viewed (all views, not unique views). The View count will not be accurate on topics imported from the old version of the Forum (before February 12, 2017).


Start a Discussion

To start a discussion to ask a question , you click the "Start New Discussion" button in the left sidebar, or click the "New Discussion" button on the top of a Forum page. If you used the "Start New Discussion"  button, you must select a Forum from the selection box at the bottom of the form. Please make your Topic Title as informative as possible. Don't just say "Question" or "Problem". Give an informative hint in the title. Please provide a link to your site if at all possible. It is almost impossible to provide helpful answers when you just describe a problem, or even provide an image.

Reply to a Discussion or Discussion Reply

If you want to Reply to a discussion thread, you can directly enter your reply in the editor form at the bottom of the Discussion page. You can also Reply to a previous Reply by clicking the REPLY link on the header bar of each reply. It is better to reply to the original Discussion with the already open reply form at the bottom of the page.

Notify me of follow-up replies via email - Check the box if you want to receive an email notification of followup replies to the Discussion.

Set as private reply - If you check this box, only you and the Moderators can see the content of your reply. When you mark your posts as private reply, it will be displayed with a light blue background when viewed.

Keep Yourself Informed about Forum Activity

The Weaver Support Forum has several features to keep you informed by email notifications about various activities.

  • Replies to your Discussion participation - when you start a discussion or reply to a discussion, you can check the "Notify me of follow-up replies via email" at the bottom of the form to receive an email when someone else responds.
  • Mentions - If another users mentions you in a Topic or Reply using an @ (e.g., @username), by default you will get an email notifying you about the mention. If you don't want to receive notification when you are mentioned, you can disable that by editing your Profile settings.
  • Subscriptions - You can subscribe to Forums or Topics by clicking the "Subscribe" button or link found at the top right of a Forum or Topic. You will get email notices of activity on that Forum or Discussion.
  • Favorites - if you want to track a favorite topic, click the "Favorite" link. The list of your favorites is displayed on your Profile page (click your user name link in the info are at the top of the sidebar).


The Discussion Editor

The editor used to start Discussions and make Replies is the same tinyMCE editor you are no doubt familiar with when you create WordPress Pages and Posts. It has both a Visual and a Text view. The Visual mode supports a number of tool buttons on the top. Click the row button  on  the far right to open a secondary tool bar. To edit your HTML directly, use the Text view.

This instance of the editor does limit what you may post. There is a limited set of "safe" HTML tags allowed. You can add images via the image button, but you must supply a link to an externally hosted link. You cannot upload images.

Video links, scripts, an shortcodes are not allowed.

Posting Guidelines

  • First, search the Weaver Xtreme Guide. Seriously - do this!.
  • Try using the Search at the left sidebar.
  • Post to the appropriate Forum. Posts in the wrong forum may be moved.
  • Specify which Weaver Xtreme Version you are using!
  • Good answers require concise questions with specific details. Link to example, if possible! It is very difficult to provide answers without being able to visit your site.
  • Please set to "Resolved" when you get a good answer. This is a selection found that the top right of your Discussion.
  • Don't double post -  ask your question in one thread only.
  • Don't hijack topics - keep to original question and don't ask new questions. Don't add new comments to "Resolved" or old discussions. Please start a new discussion for new questions.
  • No advertising of any kind is allowed on posts or personal profiles. (The site owner may display advertising, obviously.)
  • Management reserves the right to edit or delete any discussion topic.