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    I am working on a site that was built by somebody else. Now I am trying to figure out how it is determined which part of the secondary sidebar is visible on each page.

    It looks like the secondary sidebar widget consists of various elements, but not all elements are shown on all pages, which is what I want . Maybe this is a pre-category setting?

    I want to add a new menu in the secondary sidebar on just one category. How do I do that?

    This is the site I am refering to: http://www.psychosomatik.com

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    Sidebars are composed of two widget areas found in Appearance > Widgets, called Primary Sidebar and Secondary Sidebar.

    Sidebar can be visible or hidden on pages using the Theme global Sidebar settings per page type found in Main options > Sidebar & layout, or using the Theme Per page setting in each page editing page > Xtreme setting for this page > Layout tab> Sidebar and widgets drop down list.

    By default all widgets present in these two widget area will show on all visible sidebars.

    I know of two ways to have different widgets showing in the Sidebar of different pages.

    1- Use a Plugin like Dynamic Widget that allows you to make any widget visible only on some pages. You would have All the widgets in the Sidebar widget areas, then use the plugin to specify which ones show up where.

    2- Use the Theme Per page Extra Widget Areas. These are defined at the bottom of Main Options > Sidebar & Layout, then show up in Appearance > Widgets where you can place the widgets you want in them.

    They are then used on any specific page to replace either the Primary or Secondary sidebar widget area using the option “Widget Area Replacement” found in each page editing page > Xtreme Options for this page > Content tab.

    So you need to do two things. First inspect the primary and secondary widget areas and see if allĀ  widgets are in there.

    Then check in Appearance > Widget if you have widget areas named “Per page Area xxxx”, and if you do check the page editing page of pages with different content, and see if these are being used to replace the default Primary or Secondary sidebar widget areas.

    Now to come to your last question.

    If you want different widgets in the Sidebar of a default WordPress Category page, then your best solution is a plugin like Dynamic widget, because Default WordPress Category page do not have a page editing page.


    thank you very much, that helped a lot

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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