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    This is such a basic Q I apologise, I’m sure I am being dense here. I noticed that on one of my sites the font is not as I had expected. I had already set up a Google font in the Xtreme menu, and it shows in the font family in the various Xtreme font choices, and in e.g. the font choice when page editing. But is there not somewhere that the font family is set up as the default, so that in the various places where the Xtreme font family setting is Inherit, it uses that global setting? If not, what are the inherit settings inheriting?! But I just can’t find it!


    You need to select your font in each area where there is a font type drop down list.

    You may/should be able to set the font you want globally in Main Options > Wrapping Areas > Wrapper Area >  Text Font Properties > Family, then in every items Text Font Properties > Family select inherit.

    Inherit will inherit from the parent. Given the wrapper is the parent of everything that should do it


    Thank you. In fact had I looked there, the text against the header of the Wrapper area options says ‘Colors and font settings will be the default values for all other areas’. However I would have thought it more logical to provide a setting for font family along with the other global font options in Fonts & Custom / Fonts. You’re already likely to be on that page anyway choosing your font family.


    The Custom Font option are to provide settings that apply to all font options – they aren’t exactly global values, but values that will affect all font selection options.

    Because of the overall design, the Wrapper serves as the top most container, and provides all default values for other areas under it. It is logically consistent to have all its values inherit.


    Thank you I’m happy the matter is resolved. But if I were chewing the fat with you over a couple of cold beers in a bar somewhere, I might argue that ‘global values’ versus ‘values that affect all [font selection] options is a distinction without a difference!

    You know that the wrapper is the top most container, and I do now cos you’ve told me. Your requirement to have other values inherit would still be true if you implemented it to be so, such that the font family were set in the place where other global font parameters are set, and where new font families are chosen. Designing menus as rich as yours need to be is no small task I’m sure, I just thought it might be of some value to you to know how this user – not a beginner but closer to being one than being an expert – reacted to this particular menu question.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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