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    With Weaver Xtreme Pro, I have WP Edit activated as a plug-in because Weaer Xtreme Pro recommends it in order to maximize the benefits of Weaver Xtreme Pro.  I am now seeing that there is a pro version of Weaver Edit and that the standard free version is unstable.  Is it recommended that I need to pay for the WP Edit Pro version in order to receive all of the benefits I am paying for with Weaer Xtreme Pro.  I am a little confused.  

    This is really up to you and your needs. If you badly need the features in pro and its price is worth it for you, get it, if not dont 🙂
    FYI, just to avoid confusion, there is no Xtreme pro, but Xtreme with the “Plus” plugin 🙂

    Just a note – our recommendation is for WP Edit. The free version really has some quite useful features, including the ability to get visual editing for custom post excerpts. WP Edit has some interesting features, especially the ability to add more potentially very useful editor buttons and features. But it is just like Weaver Xtreme Plus – it all depends on what saves you time as you build your site because in the end, paying a few bucks to save you hours of time is generally paying yourself pretty well.


    Well I count on TinyMCE Advanced instead. I would love to have a switch to turn off the recommendation.


    If you click the “Dismiss” link on the recommendation box, they go away.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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