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    Hi Folks,

    I don’t use blocks.

    Is there any way to stop ‘wp-block-library-css’ and its associated files loading in Xtreme?

    Regards and thanks,


    Not sure, but what you expect to gain from it?


    WordPress includes that library even for visitor side only sites, so must believe it is essential. I think there a now just too many ways for blocks, or parts of blocks to be a part of any WP site. Even widgets are now becoming block oriented. I suppose (but I’m not going to find out) that it would be possible to include a filter in a child theme that would block its inclusion.

    You might do better to ask on a WP forum.

    Weaver Xtreme does NOT include any block editor specific files except when using an editor – either the classic or block editors. They are small, and needed for either editor to function correctly when displaying styled page post content.


    Thanks each.


    Many of our readers come from Africa and India, where data plans are extremely expensive, so a we try to keep our site as light as possible for them.

    Secondly, in principle, I’m not in favour of sending unused assets for unused features.


    Thanks for the background. Researching this, all I got were 2019 articles and discussions that pointed to ‘fixing’ by adding php via the Theme. (‘Child’ was not mentioned – so I was confused more.)

    However, as this is a WP core asset, and not Xtreme, and it had not ever been mentioned here in this Forum, I thought I’d better ask here first is case I was missing something here.

    Thanks for your comments and guidance. Greatly appreciated.

    Regards, Angus.


    Have you used your browser developer tool console to see how  long loading that file actually takes?



    Not long…. and it does not delay loading, for sure.

    But then again, as someone on a forum pointed out, it does issue a ‘get’ call to the server for these related assets, for each post read…..

    I acknowledge it is pedantic more than anything, as I just try to keep the site size down, without sacrificing user expectations.

    I know certainly that if I could improve on the loading settings of the JS and CSS on my “Fast Velocity Minify” plugin, that would give be measurable – but I’ve reached the limit of my understanding and ability in area in regards to tweaking to overcoming blocking issues. 🙂

    So I’m now looking to see if there is any other ‘low hanging fruit’ I can get in this regard.

    That said, the ‘wp-block-library-css’ seems not to be worth the effort, and actually may come back to bite me later as WP continues to develop blocks, as @Weaver advised.

    Thanks for the follow up though. Much appreciated!


    The whole blocks/guetenburg thing is costing me WAY To much time! I know this is not the place to complain but it is sooooo Frustrating!




    Totally agree, which is why I stick to wp.org and Xtreme.

    I also manage several wp.com sites and find that each time I go there to paste up a new post, it is taking longer and longer to even find the right edit page. And a correction after publishing is a whole other story!

    It now takes me longer to find the edit page than it did 2 years ago to paste in the whole post.

    But honestly I don’t see them wp.com changing from blocks, so it may eventually be a case of learning and using them, or retiring. I’ll be retiring…..


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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