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    <h2>I am helping fix a very broken website. It looks likes it’s been a wile since the theme was updated.</h2>
    On the theme panel there is no link to the developer.

    <h2 class=”theme-name”>WeaverVersion: 2.2.6</h2>

    By Bruce Wampler

    Am I in the right place?

    Is there an update for this theme?

    Please help.






    This is a VERY old and now Obsolete Version of the Weaver Theme.

    The current generation of weaver theme that it should be replaced with is Weaver Xtreme (with its companion plugin Weaver Xtreme Theme Support), but it is not an update but and upgrade (new theme)


    Remember that the site is WordPress, so the content should all still be there. You can try Weaver Xtreme, or you may want to investigate other themes. There is no hard tie to any obsolete theme.


    Hello & Thank you for the info. This is the website currently using this old version of Weaver.


    Do you think Weaver Xtreme will allow me to setup the header as she currently has it?

    I understand about the content, changing themes can be like a face lift, the insides are the same, but the outside is refreshed 😉

    With a little setup of course.

    Thank you for your time.



    You can definitely achieve that with Xtreme, and actually more easily because Xtreme has option for full width areas.

    To achieve the full width look they had to use some cleaver tricks 🙂

    We can help tuning the look once you activate Xtreme.

    If they can’t afford the site look to be disrupted temporarily, you would need to clone the site in a subfolder and work on the clone, then change theme on the original site and copy settings over.

    If you install and activate Xtreme, make sure you also install Weaver “Xtreme theme  support” plugin. Then pick a sub theme that is the closest to the existing style, then start customizing and come here with a link if you need help.

    Most customizations can be done using the theme options, but we can also use Custom CSS for everything else.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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