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    Well, the axe has fallen, and WordPress 5.0 is released – for better or worse. (Over time, I believe for the better!)

    Weaver Xtreme is fully compatible with the new Gutenberg / Block Editor. There are some new glitches with styling on some block types in the edit vs the front end view, but they are strictly visual, and I should get them fixed soon.

    I had been testing WP 5 for a while, and failed to notice a super huge issue, which to no surprise is related to the editor(s).

    Previously, with the Gutenberg plugin, Weaver Xtreme made it easy for you to select which editor to use for specific posts – there were edit buttons for using the classic editor, Gutenberg, or even Elementor if the page was created with Elementor. I don’t think that is now working in WP 5, but I will try to get that functionality back.

    And I think the WP crew is abandoning the name Gutenberg in favor of “Block Editor’. Get used to it.

    WP 5 on the other hand, makes it impossible to switch back and forth for pages and posts created either with the Block Editor or the Classic editor. You seem to have to stick to one or the other. When you install the Classic Editor plugin, the admin selects the default editor, and if the user can switch. But once the end user picks the Classic Editor, it is hard to create a Block Editor page. You have to create the page with the Classic Editor, then open the Pages menu and select the page to open with the Block Editor. If you then look at the page, and edit it again, it seems to open in the Classic Editor, even with all the Blocks there (which you can see in text mode).

    So, I think they’ve made it hard to move to the Block Editor because you can’t either easily choose which editor you want, or have that done automatically.

    Perhaps that will get fixed, but this strategy seems to do everything possible to make it hard to create new content using the Block Editor, because most of the existing content will be Classic.

    This is all confusing, and a bit hard to explain. I will try to get Weaver to once again put up an edit link for the appropriate editor.


    This sound like an oversight on their part…

    Hopefully you have contacts at WordPress to review the issue and confirm one way or another.



    When you make further changes to Xtreme, please make sure that the classic editor plugin is compatible when you test it. The plugin labels each old post created with classic editor in the admin when you view all the post titles.


    Post title –  Classic Editor


    I never use the Visual Editor for posts or pages. Is there any way to have it revert back to the way the html editor looked? I’m testing in out on a demo site, and switching to “code editor” just gives me a small box to work in, and I do not see the tool bar that had with the bold, italic, link, etc. It’s ugly.

    Can you tell me how I can upload an image to this message?

    Upon further research, found Classic Editor and Classic Editor Addon which will automatically download the “Classic Editor” plugin to enable easy install. It removes the Settings link from the main Plugins page and removes the plugin’s Settings from the Settings > Writing screen.


    I think this is the cleanest and least confusing way so far to view the posts in both the admin post listing and the post view if you are using the Classic Editor plugin.

    The Classic Editor plugin was just updated to allow users to make the following choices:

    1. The default editor for all users: Block or Classic (I chose Classic)
    2. Allow users to switch editors: yes or no (I chose no to keep everything consistent)

    In my case, I chose “no” to not switch editors, the post listing in the admin section will default to editing the post in classic. The posts are not labeled “Block” or “Classic” because I set the default to only use classic. This is the same way post listings were viewed previously.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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