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    I’d like help with this page: https://sanctuaryoftheopenheart.com/store/

    I’d like it to display the product categories evenly in 3 or 4 columns.  I’ve tried several ways, but can’t get it to show up correctly.  Here are my questions/options:

    1. How can I set this as the official store/shop page?  I can’t find within the theme where to assign this.  Right now it’s a page with WooCommerce shortcode.
    2. If I stick with the current page that has dropped in WooCommerce shortcode, I’d still like it to display columns evenly.  It doesn’t seem to be recognizing the WooCommerce shortcode columns=”4″

    Thank You



    1) For the columns, it looks like you are mixing way too many options.

    You seem to have both set the page to display in columns, and use some option in the Woocommerce shortcode to also do that.

    If the Woocommerce shortcode has an option for four columns, use only that and remove the column option in the page options.

    I do see four columns so the Woocommerce 4 columns option does seem to work.
    s your issue that the four columns do not spread all the way to the right?

    Because the reason the content area does not take the full width, is because you have also used custom CSS that interferes with the sidebar and content width.

    So you need to clarify what exactly is the issue you have with the four columns the way they are

    2) How can I set this as the official store/shop page? 

    I do not know what you mean by that, so you need to elaborate.



    1.  I currently do not have the 4 columns Woocommerce shortcode enabled.  I have it set to display categories (no column designation), and the page to display in 4 columns .  The problem is that they do not display evenly – titles to columns are separate from images.     I experiment with setting the page to display in 1 column and adding the WooCommerce shortcode for 4 columns, but it doesn’t work here – it still only displays as 1 column.
    2. In other themes, I can go into Customize, and on the WooCommerce tab there will be an option where I can choose which page is the Shop (Store) page, and it’ll populate with the products automatically.  Here on the WooCommerce tab I can see how to change the settings on that page from display Category to display Product, but I don’t see where to assign that main Store page.


    1) The page column option will likely never work for what you want as it does not know about the content. It is a dumb way to flow content over columns.

    Given the display is done by Woocommerce, it has to come from them. You should ask them what is the best way to achieve it.

    2) If the option normally appears on a Woocommerce tab, I would assume it is managed by Woocommerce, so I don’t quite understand why it would be different depending on the theme. You may want to ask them the question. they may have a different way to do what you want depending what the theme offers.




    Also, I am confused by your phrase

     I experiment with setting the page to display in 1 column and adding the Woocommerce shortcode for 4 columns, but it doesn’t work here

    This tends to imply Woocommerce does have the option for their shortcode. So if when you use that it does not work, we can try to troubleshoot to see why.

    I suggest you remove the page options for columns, and use the Woocommerce shortcode option and post back so we can look at it.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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