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    WooThemes support says these issues are Weaver theme related…
    ~The cart displays on every page of the site (except the static ‘home’ page), and it should only appear in the sidebar where I am using a widget to display it only when there are items in it, and it works fine.
    ~ On the ‘shop’ page, the page title persists in being displayed even though I have checked off the ‘hide page title’ setting for that page. It needs to go…

    Here is where I am doing my build:  https://artisansportal.com/shop/

    Aslo, I have upgraded to WP Edit Pro – do I still need to leave WP Edit active also?

    Many Thanks,


    I am not sure how you created your page, but the woocomerce widget appears to be in the Sitewide Top widget area which is a widget are that is inside the content are, not the sidebar.

    If you want your cart in the sidebar, then it should be placed either in the primary or the secondary widget area which are the only tow sidebar widget area


    You only need WP Edit Pro, and ignore the message to add the other. That will eventually go away,.

    To my surprise – since I did’t place it there – there was a cart widget in the top site-wide widget area, and now there is not.
    I only feel a  little stupid…
    The second issue – removing the display of the page titles which show only on pages created by WooCommerce…
    (the ‘hide page title’ is selected on ALL pages)

    sheepish thanks 

    If the page is generated by Woocommerce, I don’t see how weaver options could affect them.

    But you can always use a custom CSS rule.

    If you give us a specific page to look at we can confirm the CSS



    the only content thus far is the page title “SHOP”

    To hide the page title on all woocomerce pages you could use the rule below in Main Options > Fonts $ Custom > Custom CSS Rule Box

    .container-woocommerce .page-title {display:none;}

    I am surprised this would not be an option in woocomerce, you may want to ask/suggest this to them


    I originally thought that this site might be more easily built using a WooTheme, which put me in dialog with their tech support, in the process I decided to switch back to Weaver and upgraded to X+…

    I had provided he WooTheme Tech temp admin access, and invited him to look at Weaver to understand why I chose it over WooTheme’s Storefront/Galleria… (he had expressed disbelief that a theme could make such changes easy…)

    His solution to my request to remove the display of page titles and place a shopping cart icon in the menu bar (I thought he would just send the code snippets) was to install 2 plugins:
    Menu Icons bDzikri Aziz
    Custom CSS by Dev7studios, where he added the following code to remove the page titles display, and give me a graphic cart icon in the menu bar:
    /*hide unwanted page title*/
    h1.page-title {display:none;}
    /*hide menu label font next to cart icon*/
    li.cart-icon span {display:none;}
    (the menu label being “WooCommerce” I think)
    Could these 2 issues (page title display & menu bar cart icon) be accomplished without the use of the additional plugins?

    There is NO need for a plugin for custom CSS.

    As I explained, if using Custom CSS, you simply place the rule in Main Options > Fonts & Custom > Custom CSS Rule box.

    The rule to hide the page title I gave you and the one he gave you will both do the trick, except his could potentially affect other items, so mine which is using a selector specific to the woocommerce page should be safer.

    The one to hide the menu label font I am not sure what it is for, but again it can go in the same place if needed

    SO you definitely do not need the custom CSS plugin, weaver themes have that capability fully built in.

    The other plugin to put icons in the menu bar is also totally unnecessary. You have plus, so you have Menus right and left Add HTML area to do the same thing.

    Just place the Html for your cart icon in the menu right HTML

    Weaver Xtreme (and the Plus plugin you have) has a LOT of functionality compare to the majority of wordpress themes. Most WordPress users/developers have no idea how much can be accomplished with such a theme 🙂

    So don’t jump on a plugin solution before you have made sure there is not a way to do it with the theme existing features (eventually asking here)


    …as I suspected, and I appreciate the explanation, thank you scrambler!

    The Custom CSS plugin is gone.
    Html not being my strong suit, the Menu Icon plugin will have to suffice. It adds fields to the MENUS admin dropdown to add icon/links anywhere… it is THIS title that  li.cart-icon span {display:none;} 
    refers to…

    Thanks again. learned lots today as always! Not least of which – there is no good reason to use a different theme…

    If you cart icon is a link to the cart page, you can create the link button using +Xtreme Plus > Link Buttons shortcode.

    Then you just insert that shortcode in the Add HTML Area.

    No HTML skills required, always ask   🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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