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    One of the fundamental techniques of contemporary programming languages (i.e. Java) is to design/program against a parent framework/interface etc.. One creates a child component to ‘inherit’ most of the functionality from a parent and then expands on the parent. In WP the use of frameworks meet this need – frameworks such as Genesis, Headway, Thesis and others. A considerable number of articles recommend using a framework then using a child theme to create a WP site. With the child theme being able to make changes and not have them disappear when there is a framework upgrade.

    It seems the Weaver Xtreme (WX) has an incredible number of configuration capabilities –  particularly in conjunction with WX Plus. So what happens when WX on down the road is superseded by a new theme, what happens when I need to change style.css, functions.php, tec. and a new update to WX come out. I have already come upon this in converting from Weaver 2 to WX – not a HUGE deal but a pain nevertheless. We see Aspen is gone, 2010 Weaver gone and in each conversion had to be done to another theme as there was just the theme not the framework-child theme. Yes I can create a child theme for WX BUT WX is not a framework. Futher the WX doc says that WX will handle 99% of customizations – will it handle ‘extensions’ to various *.php files?
    So the ‘simple’ question I have after the prior comments why should I use WX instead of a framework-child theme?
    Hope this makes some sense – THANKS for any replies/comments – Ken

    In many many ways, Weaver Xtreme is not much different than any of those frameworks.

    One of the main disadvantages of a really fixed framework is that they can get somewhat inflexible – backward compatibility, etc. One of the big advantages of Weaver Xtreme is that it is really up to date (at the moment – things always change and advance.)

    BUT that said, in fact, underneath, Weaver Xtreme is much more like a framework than Weaver II used to be, and the long term plans for Weaver Xtreme is make it even more so.

    So, the current plan is to provide more framework-like features (more action and filter hooks, better documentation, and even a core version without the extensive option interface.)

    So, eventually, there will be a version of Weaver Xtreme probably called Weaver Core which will be pretty much a runtime system that will load an option set generated by the standard Xtreme version. Both would generate an identical looking final website. This will allow designers to provide more of a turnkey product for customers.

    But right now, Weaver Xtreme really has all the features provided by most frameworks – it sort of is a matter of marketing. There are plenty of hooks now, and all the critical functions are pluggable by a child theme. The plan is keep the core code much more constant into the future – the redesign/rewrite of Weaver Xtreme is much more advanced than Weaver II, and builds on all the experience we’ve had from the tens of thousands of existing Weaver II users. We see a long life for Weaver Extreme, and it really is designed to build child themes if you need to – but also has a rich built-in option set that makes it a bit different than a more traditional framework. You can have it both ways.


    In another thread I asked: “Am I correct in assuming that in future updates of the WX theme ANY CSS will be retained and not over written?“. You responded: “Yes all the custom CSS you enter is saved with the options.

    Is this also true with changes to *.php files, i.e. functions.php such as you would place in a child theme. With WX does one need a child theme to handle extensions to *.php files or is there a “non-destructive/over write” mechanism to place these extensions in WX?
    Thanks – Ken Cooper

    “Is this also true with changes to *.php files, I”

    NO, you should NEVER edit theme files. For these kind of modifications, WordPress provides a mechanism called a Child theme.

    Any changes to php template should be done in sucg a child theme to be retained in a them update.

    There is a basic help in the FAQ of this site to create such a child theme


    Weaver Xtreme Plus supports an ‘Advance Option’ on the ‘<HEAD> Section’ tab called ‘Actions and Filters’. This option will allow you to avoid creating a child theme in many cases. You can define WordPress actions and filters there with PHP. Usually, however, you cannot define pluggable function overrides – those belong in a normal WordPress child theme of Weaver Xtreme.

    Weaver Xtreme has many pluggable functions and even files, and those will not be changed in the future.

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