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    I am using the Weaver II pro theme. I am trying to move an older site to a new one, and had an imagemap, with slices, in it, made with Dreamweaver years ago. I am not trying to move that, but reproduce it with a few changes. So I have my image. I have my coordinates. I have put the code in the text of the page. And it comes up looking pretty, but the test rectangle I’ve put in doesn’t do anything! I tried using a plugin, imagemapper, which would appear to work, but once again, no links work on the page and I have disabled it. Could there be some setting somewhere that might be interfering?

    The page I am trying to reproduce is http://www.briegull.com and this is the code as I now have it in (obviously more to add once I get this one working):

    … image map code removed by moderator because it broke the forum editor formatter … it was not really relevant to question


    There is nothing in the theme that will touch or affect how an image map works or doesn’t work.

    Using HTML with <center> is obsolete, and may not be supported in the future. It is not clear how it interacts with responsive layouts, either.

    If you have obsolete code using <center>, there might be other code as well.

    If this is in a page or post, then you do need to be sure to check the “Allow Raw HTML and scripts” option on the per page/post options. If you try to edit in Visual mode, nothing is likely to work as you expect.

    Beyond that, dealing with image maps is beyond the scope of this forum.


    Keep in  mind that image map are not responsive, so if the image will scale when the browser gets smaller, the image map will be broken.

    I also don’t see where you have an image map in the page you gave us.

    What I see is a table with images in it, and on the images of text, javascript on mouse over and on mouse out that does not work or at least does not do anything in my IE browser.

    So you need to clarify what you are speaking about


    Well, the moderator removed the code I was using NOW. The page that shows up is VERY OLD, maybe 2007 or 8. It’s what I’m trying to GET AWAY from.  I did tick the “allow raw code” in the new page, but it still doesn’t work.  (note that I want to map five areas. I’m just testing at this point.  ) Moderator, can you tell me what to do to be able to post the following three lines?

    <!<mapname =”bg”>
    <!<area title=”monhegan” coords=”486,225,638,225″ shape=”rect” href=”www.google.com”/>

    <!<img src=”…bg940.jpg” usemap=”#bg” width=”940″ height=”738″ border=”0″/></mapname>

    As far as responsive is concerned, there is a plugin that works well at making imagemaps responsive. Called  Responsive Image Maps

    I removed the code above because:

    1. For whatever reason (you copy/pasted some code with lots of HTML in it, actually), it was breaking the display of your comment.
    2. It is irrelevant. It, and the code you just entered, are not helpful out of complete context. We would need to see actual code in full context.
    3. It is NOT theme related. Providing support for any simple HTML coding, or using specific plugins is beyond the scope of this forum.

    Sorry, we have limited resources, and can only support theme related issues. Image maps are NOT theme related.

    As I said earlier, this question is beyond the scope of this forum, and I have closed this topic since you seemed to ignore that comment.

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