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    Hi. I’m sorry. I’m being lazy, I guess. I’m using Weaver Xtreme Plus on this website I’m developing (upliftfm.com). I’m using a child theme of the black-&-white, but I’ve made no color changes–the only reason for the child theme was that, for accessibility reasons, I needed to create a page w/links to various submenu items because screenreaders don’t read these well. At any rate, the blog comment area is white on a very light grey background (255255255 204204204). It’s uncomfortable viewing, & I need to change it, but can’t seem to locate where. Can someone please provide a little direction? & thanks so much.


    Main Options > Content Areas > Comments.

    You can add CSS rule for missing parameters in the background CSS+ box


    That area seems to govern the display of actual comments. My query has to do w/the color of the comment editor. Am I incorrect?


    The comment input box is treated the same as other Main Options : Content Areas : Text : Input Areas.

    The comment only text input area can be styled like this:

    .comment-form-comment textarea {background-color:pink;}

    with a custom CSS rule on the Main Options : Fonts & Custom tab, Custom CSS Rules section


    Well, I found the problem. As I stated in my first post regarding this issue, I was using a child theme. When I looked at style.css, it read, in part:


     Add specific style overrides here…

      Just for example, this style will change the default BG Color for the site. */
    textarea {
        background-color: #CCC;

    Might I respectfully suggest that in updated versions, the style be included in the comment so it doesn’t *actually* change the default bg color for the site, or at least the text area? That really required a fair amount of troubleshooting time, you know?

    Anyway, thanks for your attempts to help, & I hope my suggestion is taken in the spirit in which it was given.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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