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    I have searched for this question on the forum but cannot find my answer. I created a child theme which should inherit the parent sitemap, not so?. Should it not automatically appear at the bottom of my pages?

    Since the above question, I found the sitemap template under Pages. However it now appears in my navigation menu instead of in the footer which it should be. When I removed the “Powered by WordPress…” did this also remove the Privacy Policy, Terms and conditions, Sitemap or are these all to be manually added?

    I am not sure what you are trying to do exactly.

    To create a page that has the site map, you do what you did, you use the sitemap template. To avoid having it in your menu bar, the best way is to use WordPress custom Menus in Appearance > Menus, where you have full control of what will be in there and how the labels are made.

    Now if what you want is a link to your sitemap page in a widget footer, you can use the pages widget, and exclude all your other pages in it.


    The Weaver Xtreme Sitemap page template generates a page with a sitemap as the pages content. This is a page, can be used as a menu item, or you could even create a manual HTML link to it is a text widget or something.

    If you previously had a sitemap in your footer, then you must have been using some other plugin. It also sounds like the Privacy Policy, and terms and conditions were added to the footer using a widget, either a text widget, or a plugin.

    The thing is, a child theme is a NEW theme in the eyes of WordPress. This means that you are likely to lose all your widget assignments. They are still there in the inactive widget list, but you have to “reassign” them for the new (child) theme.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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