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    I feel so dumb having to ask this, but I developed my site about a year ago when I first learned WordPress and now I sometimes have trouble finding where I create/update things.

    My site is http://speaker.miloshapiro.com .  I have a sidebar on the right side of most pages.
    I want to edit something in there, but I cannot figure out where I defined that sidebar!
    I’ve looked in Widgets and around Appearance, but I cannot see where I’ve set up the images and text that appear in my sidebar.

    Can anyone help?


    These are controlled in the Appearance:Widgets panel. When you first open it, the sidebars will be closed by default, so you have to click the little down arrow on each one to open them and show all the widgets assigned to the sidebar/widget area.


    Got it.  I had looked there, but I was thrown by the fact that it said “Primary (top) sidebar” when it appears on the right side, not the top.
    Odd wording of that heading.  Thanks for sending me back there to look more thoroughly.

    On a side note, it’s fortunate that I came back here because I didn’t receive an email to tell me that this had been answered.
    I was under the impression that if I clicked the star icon to “bookmark” this question that that would cause the notes to be generated to me.
    If that’s not it, what would the right method of requesting this be?  Wish it were the default as I can’t imagine having a question that I
    wouldn’t want to know the answer to.  😉

    Notifications on this site are unreliable, they work for some and not others, and weaver has not been able to find a solution with the developer of the SW used for it.
    One thing you can try is check the star at the top right to make the thread a favorite one, as the favorite notification sometimes works better
    Questions are usually answered pretty fast here, so always come back frequently.
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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