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    I copied my wordpress site using weaver II pro to a new vm in order to convert to weaver extreme befor coing live

    I did this by copying all the wordpress files and the wordpress database.

    to copy the database, i exported it from the old mysql using mysqldump to a text .sql file

    then on the new server, i did a create wordpress and source -the dump file- to import it

    when I go to the new test site, it comes up okay using weaver ii pro but a bunch of the settings are missing

    my right sidebar is gone, the header is the piano keyboard, etc.

    if weaver ii pro doesn’t store the setting in the wordpress database or in the file structure of wordpress, where oh where are they?

    how can I transfer my settings?





    The first paragraph of the conversion article below (0) clone your site) lists the procedure to clone your site using the duplicator plugin

    Converting a Weaver II (Pro) or Aspen site to Weaver Xtreme



    The conversion article says wordpress loses the settings when you change themes, but I didn’t change themes. I brought over the database and files without changing anything.

    The process in the conversion article is incredibly complicated and won’t do me any good in any case because I can’t convert from weaver II pro since the settings are lost anyways.

    As far as I know I have never used a weaver shortcode, so I’ll ignore that also.

    It seems the best thing to do in my case is to just apply the theme as a new theme and do all the sidebar and widgets again by hand.

    Maybe I can find out why WordPress is thinking a new theme has been applied when I copy the site, and I can prevent that somehow.

    I sure hope when you switch to Weaver Supercalifragilistic  in a few years, you decide to make things forwardly compatible, ot at least have a conversion program that does everything in one step.

    Maybe I can save the settings from the old site and restore them on the new site. I still wonder where the heck they are at, if not in the database and not in the files.


    It is really inefficient and error prone to try to use exporting/importing databases and data manually. I would highly discourage you from using that method. Too easy to mess up.

    The latest and easiest way is to use a new-ish but VERY easy to use plugin called “All-in-One WP Migration” to migrate to a new development or test site. You will get an EXACT copy of your original site, but all nicely fixed to run on a new URL. Fast and easy!

    Using this tool will really guarantee you have a copy of your existing Weaver II settings.

    But you could also have exported your Weaver II settings from the Save/Restore tab, then re-import them to your new site while running Weaver II.

    Either way, after you get a successful migration, then use the Weaver migration tool as described in the tutorial.


    From what you are saying, you did not loose the theme settings but the WordPress settings, which is a known WordPress issue. But these are very limited, it is usually just the header image (easy to re select), and Widgets that are no longer in the right place. For these, just going into Appearance > Widget you will find your missing widgets either in the wrong widget area, or in the unused widget section, and it will just be a matter of moving them back in the right location.

    If things are more messed up, then redo the Migration using the plugin Weaver mentioned.

    Regarding your remark “The process in the conversion article is incredibly complicated” it may seem so because it is as detailed as possible, but I guarantee you when you start following them the process is actually fairly simple.

    Weaver has always made his best to make upgrades as easy as possible, but when you need to make massive changes like Xtreme was, there is only so much that can be done to automated the upgrade. Unfortunate, but it is was the price to pay to get the capabilities of Xtreme, and in the end I think it was worth it.

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