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    Are you able to tell what’s wrong with Xtreme Plus here: http://www.pianist1.no/ ?

    Xtreme has somehow “on its own” changed the subtheme from Plain to Ajax and thus changed the whole layout. When I change back to Plain and change some settings (any – like the font family), the subtheme is “automatically” changed back to Ajax.

    Also, the Main Options > Wrapping Areas (for example – it applies to all the other tabs as well) scrolls all the way down to the end of the last tab without stopping at the end of each tab. Something must be wrong here; I have another site with Xtreme Plus (http://www.nordoy.net/) which works correctly (I think) – not like the first one.


    The last symptom sounds like a faulty installation or perhaps a changed/bad host set up. It is possible not enough PHP memory. Could even be a bad plugin.

    A thing to do is to optn the Weaver Theme Settings page – the place, if I understand what you said, that is not showing the tabs anymore, but has all the tab content stacked vertically.  Right click this page, and then View Page Source (or equivalent on your browser). Scroll to the very bottom and see that is very last content. It is likely some kind of PHP error message which would be very useful it diagnosing what is really wrong. Let us know.

    The first site does indeed seem to be set to Ajax, but that won’t happen all by itself – really. But if the Weaver theme options are working right, nothing is predictable.


    I can’t find any error message in the page source. The strange thing is that this site has been working ok for a couple of months – until recently (however, the vertical stacking has been around all the time).

    I have no clue what to do, so I’d like you to log in and see for yourself.


    First, you do not seem to be using the latest version of Xtreme, so you shoukld start by updating to the latest (1.1.1)

    After that, Have you tried to

    Read through http://weavertheme.com/weaver-ii-doesnt-save-settings/ 

    And especially check the memory issue.

    Deactivate ALL non weaver plugins, does it make a difference (if so reactivate one by one)

    if not:

    Switch to another theme

    Completely delete All weaver themes AND plugins.

    Redo the last WordPress update in Dashboard > Update

    Reinstall Weaver Xtreme Theme and the Xtreme Theme Support plugin latest versions

    Test if that changes anything.


    I’ve just updated to Xtreme 1.1. That solved the vertical stacking issue so that the menus are displaying normally. I have downloaded the 1.1.1 version, but it failed to install (do I have to delete the current version first?).

    I will now try to make changes (rebuild the site to its original shape) and see how it goes.

    Thank you for helping!


    UPDATE: I have been working on my site for a while, and things seem to be working.

    However, I’m not sure if the background settings are working properly. On this page: http://www.pianist1.no/om-meg/ the Outside BG (in Wrapping Areas) is set to a reddish color, but that setting is somehow ignored. And where does the greyish Outside BG come from?

    But, on this page:  http://www.pianist1.no/ the reddish Outside BG shows up. Why is the background color not the same on those two pages?


    If you try to update a theme manually before the update is available from WordPress, you need to use a plugin called “easy theme and plugin upgrade”

    On the first link, it looks like you added a per page CSS to give the container a grey color.

    That grey color rule takes precedence over the Outside background color that is set to white.

    if you put a reddish color in Main options > Wrapping Areas > Outside BG box, it is not showing. What exactly do you have in that box  

    On the second page link, the Outside BG color is set to white and it is what I see. If you see a redhish color, we are not seeing then same thing, so you may be having some cache issues.


    Scrambler, I made an admin account for Weaver so that he could go in and see what might be wrong. Before he did, however, I upgraded to Xtreme version 1.1 (on your advice). That solved the menus stacking issue, so Weaver didn’t find anything wrong. He did upgrade to version 1.1.1, though (I don’t know how).

    On the first link, it looks like you added a per page CSS to give the container a grey color. .page-id-46{background-color:#E3E3E3;}” Yes, you are right, I had forgotten about that option.

    Everything seems to be ok now, so I’m happy. Thank you very much!

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