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    I want to build a website with a style simlar to MSN or CNN where similar articles with pictures appear.

    I selected the Magazine subtheme but I have no idea how the site will look like what I want

    I have played up with the per page options in the dashboard here https://fbtargetedtraffic.com/iddpty/ and I am pretty sure I only need some sort of orientation.

    Is there any CSS or anything I need to do so that when I integrate articles with images they look like a MAGAZINE styled site?

    The text and images that are written there are mearly for testing purposses.

    I would appreciate any help, maybe on showing me a real MAGAZINE styled WordPress blog (using Weaver Xtreme), but furthermore how will I go about getting the page to look how I want.

    Note: The link above is not the main page, but If I had to turn it into a main page to get the style I want I would do it



    What exactly do you mean by look like a magazine?

    Are you saying you want the content to flow inside several columns?

    If so there is an option for that in the page editing page you can try




    You are going to need to be more specific, and the link you gave us about your attempt does not work.

    There are many ways you can have content with images.

    The basic principle of WordPress is to use posts for your articles, and give each post a featured image.

    You can then create post pages using the theme “page with posts” page template, to display all your articles/posts. You can filter each page with posts to only display certain categories, you can also decide how the articles/posts are displayed (in full or only the Featured image and excerpts etc…).

    You can decide how the featured image is displayed to in Main options > Posts Specifics > Featured image section. It can be above the title, with the content etc…

    So you should start by creating a few articles, give them a featured image, create a new page, select the “page with posts” template, save and preview that.

    Then play with the options I mentioned above and see how they impact the layout.

    Once you have done that, if you need some specific changes to the layout, post a link to what you have and be as specific as possible about what you want to change and how.



    To have a website that works something like CNN or MSN, I used a combination of Weaver Xtreme, Site Origins Pagebuilder, and the Category Posts widget plugin.


    On this page the top left photo is the most recent post that’s tagged “news.”  The top right is the second-most recent.  Older news items are in a column below.  If I add a new news item, it appears in the top right and all of the existing items are shifted automatically.

    Posts that are tagged as “Events” or “Out and About” are in two separate columns.

    Once again, the inability to upload an image is a bit frustrating.  A screenshot of the page editor would explain so much…



    @bobthearch can you tell what the “Category Posts widget ” plugin does that you could not do with a page with post or the show post plugin?



    Hi Scrambler.  The Category Posts widget is very customizable and flexible.

    Remember this Support topic from a while back?  ” I was hoping with the powerful ShowPost functions I could have stories cycle through from the headlines onto the smaller columns as they were replaced by newer stories.”


    I’ve created the hikeraton.com front page with no CSS or custom coding.  It is simply five instances of the Category Posts widget arranged in columns with a drag-and-drop pagebuilder.  And each instance of the Category Posts widget has it’s on custom settings.  So if I want 20-word excerpts in the top articles, 10-word excerpts in the lower articles, and the articles in one column to be a photo and title only… not only is that all possible, but easy.

    Here’s a link to the widget plugin:  https://wordpress.org/plugins/category-posts/



    The “Magazine” Weaver Xtreme subtheme has styles that look like some magazine-type sites, but that is just and example.

    It just styles, but does not create content. The closest thing built in to WordPress to create a magazine like site is the Featured Image for each post. You can select several options for how the Feature Image is included with posts, but it is up to you to provide the featured image.

    You can also use Weaver Xtreme’s Page with Posts page template to selectively display different post categories or tags for whatever pages you want to create. There may be other themes that have magazine-like styling that may be closer to what you were looking for, but they almost certainly won’t have all the options in Weaver Xtreme to customize the layouts.

    But there is nothing automatic – you have to do the work to create the posts, add the featured images, and style each post.




    At http://hikeraton.com/ if you click one of the links in the second menu (News, Events, or Out and About), those take you to a Page of Posts with every post in that category.

    That works well if you want every post on the page to appear the exact same.  But if you wanted some to appear with different settings or content, to emphasize or de-emphasize certain individual posts, the Page of Posts feature is grossly inadequate.



    Yes, the sub-themes are merely collections of coordinated colors and theme settings.  Think of them as presets, a starting point.

    Although that seems to fall short of what you’re looking for, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of being able to change and adjust basic theme settings in order to create a site that’s unique and custom-tailored to your taste.  There is no other theme that can do what Weaver Xtreme can without writing custom code or creating ‘Child” themes.

    But the Xtreme theme options don’t affect the layout or behavior of your actual content.  The “magazine” sub-theme, for example, is not going to make your website function like CNN or TIme Magazine websites.  You still have to create a site that will organize and present the content in the way that you want.  The easiest way is to use Weaver Xtreme in conjunction with a pagebuilder software.  I happen to use SiteOrigin PageBuilder but there are many others.




    I’ve taken some screenshots and uploaded to the website to share here.  It’s the least I can do after all of the help I’ve received here at the Support forums.

    Link to front page:


    PageBuilder layout in the page editor:

    Two screenshots showing various customization options for a Category Posts widget.  Naturally, each instance of the widget can have it’s own display settings and content filters (it would be useless if they couldn’t):


    I hope this helps answer your question.


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