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    There are 2 downloadable files in the Save/Restore tab of Weaver’s customization menu, but I’m not sure whether or not they save everything, or just the theme’s settings.

    More specifically, do they save any, or all of these:

    1. the 100s of custom CSS rules that I’ve manually added into the Custom CSS Rules area of the theme
    2. the names, settings and content of all posts and pages
    3. the names of the widget areas created in the Main Options > Sidebars & Layouts > Bottom Widget Areas section of the theme’s customizer
    4. the configuration and content of the widgets
    5. the menus and plugins

    I have worked non-stop for a month on one of my websites and if – God forbid – something happens to it, or to the hosting account it’s on, I would like to be able to restore it EXACTLY as it is now, but I’m not sure if Weaver can do this or whether I need a dedicated a plugin for this. Or maybe a cpanel backup? I don’t know…

    Can you please tell me what Weaver backs up so that I know what to do?

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    @weaver should confirm

    As far as I know the theme Settings backup file contains all the styling layout settings including all the custom CSS and how things are organized.

    But you should not count on settings backup file for content, I believe that is in your database, and needs to be backed up with Cpanel or a plugin.



    Got it!

    So cpanel backup will be then…

    Thanks 🙂


    The absolute safest yes, but also do settings backup, they are much easier and quicker to restore 🙂


    I have them 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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