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    I looked about for the answer to this question, but I couldn’t find anything on the forum. Forgive me if the question has already been asked and answered.

    I presently use Weaver II Pro. If I was to switch to Weaver Xtreme but not buy the Plus plugin, what functionality would I lose? I found the following statement on the Weaver Xtreme vs. Weaver II page:

    “First, remember that Weaver II and Weaver Xtreme are completely different themes. These two premium extensions of Weaver II and Weaver Xtreme are similar in functionality. You can think of Weaver Xtreme combined with Weaver Xtreme Plus as being similar to Weaver II Pro – they provide extended and new features to the free versions of the themes.”

    Based upon this, it sounds as if, unless I buy the Plus plugin, I would lose some of the functionality that I presently have with Weaver II Pro. Yes, I know that I’d gain some new features, but if I lose some of the things I’m presently using, I’d be better off staying with Weaver II Pro unless I was willing to lay out the money for the Plus plugin for all the sites I’d be converting.


    I have pretty much the same question as Maureen.


    There is no comparison chart, really.

    But there are really two ways to find the answer to this.

    First install and activate the Free version of Weaver Xtreme. Then just go through the option tabs, and see what is grayed out, and note the other new features available in X-Plus. And also look at http://plus.weavertheme.com to see some highlights of X-Plus features.

    In many instances, you can duplicate some of the convenience features of X-Plus with custom CSS, but if you consider the time saved by being able to use the new features with simple “checkbox” option, you are not paying yourself very much to do these manually. And there are other features that really can’t be done without X-Plus.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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