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    I know it’s me… but I’m seeing a link to my website on the left between my header graphic and my top menu.
    I don’t remember seeing that until recently.

    I’ve searched both custom and Weaver settings.

    Any help? Many thanks


    Invalid link, it wants to download a .gz file…


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    It is coming from invalid html code in the inject prewrapper area. It looks like you wanted an image displayed, but there is no image defined. Instead, is shows the alt text for the missing image.

    <div id="inject_prewrapper" class="weaverx_inject_area">
    <a href="http://the-joyful-dog.com">
    <img class="aligncenter size-full" src="http://thejoyfuldog.com/wp-content/uploads/the-joyful-dog-header-3.jpg" 
       alt="The Joyful Dog" width="940" height="300" />
    </a> </div><!-- #inject_prewrapper -->

    The missing image is the-joyful-dog-header-3.jpg. Note the link is hand coded to http:// and not https://, which is probably the problem.


    Follow up – Actually, I suspect the inject area is just leftover code as the image now showing as the header image is probably the same as the one you were probably experimenting with in the prewrapper area.


    @weaver beware depending what browser you use, it downloads a file named download.gz , even if you type the website adress.

    I do not know if it is malicious, but you may want to Look for it on your system and remove it.



    The first time I opened the link, it did open the site. When I tired to look at the home page source, I got a bunch of junk.

    This time, It did want to save a .gz file.

    But I did manage to open the site’s About page, which worked fine, and showed the link in question, which is how I was able to answer.

    So, @TheBean, you site may have some issues. My first guess would be that you have a configuration issue – either with a plugin, or with your host. Wanting to download a file mostly like means that the page is improperly being gzipped before it is downloaded. Many sites actually deliver gzipped content which is automatically decompressed by the browser. There may be an issue with the http header generated for the home page.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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