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    Please have a look at http://www.noordhoekcafe.co.za/ and give me some feedback

    Not too intricate, build with Weaver Xtreme and Siteorigin Pagebuilder.

    Some parallax, to give it a bit of dimension

    Many Thanks



    Nice and colorful. It appears to be a one page website with anchors to different sections? That is perfect for a small site.

    I like the size of the text. Easy to read.

    All the photos are sharp and fitting for a cafe. The header photo looks purple to me and I can’t quite tell what I am looking at.


    Thanks Maureen

    The top picture is a close-up of a chocolate covered cheese cake 


    Great looking websites you are doing!


    I’m sure some of my issues with the site are trans-oceanic, but I do see some quite distracting display artifacts.

    The worst is the menu, which displays last after considerable delay, and gets really confused as I try (unsuccessfully – perhaps the Find Us and Contact Us are not yet implemented?) to select different menu items.

    I’m not sure the parallax BG on the menu is necessary, and may contribute to the performance.

    And I actually find the not-full-width menu bar a bit distracting.

    Other than the menu bar, looks very nice. And this is just my opinion, of course.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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