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    I am using the [weaver_show_posts] short code to display the most recent post in a series of different categories on a new home page I am developing. 
    Here’s the short code I’m using. 

    [weaver_show_posts cats=”video” show_featured_image=’1′ order=”ASC” number-“1″ orderby=”date” show=”title_featured” hide_bottom_info=”1″ hide_top_info=”1 “] 
    How do I get rid of the number of comments bubble – from just this page. I know how to do it globally (Main options > post specific) but I do want to retain it on other pages just not on my new landing page. 

    [weaver_show_posts] is a bit obsolete these days.

    I would strongly suggest switching to the new, better integrated [show_posts] plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/show-posts/).


    Thanks I’ll take a look at it, but I have huge site and I’m always wary of change, as every time I change plug-ins etc something breaks!. 

    Four questions:
    If I install it – will it cause the existing short codes to stop working?
    Is there any documentation I can read – the wordpress plugin page says you need to define filters but doesn’t say how to do that?
    I’ve just spent a day fighting CSS to get [weaver_show_posts] to display how I want (appart from the comment bubble) – will all that work need to be redone for the new plug in.
    And finally – will the new plug-in enable me to get rid of the comment bubble on a per page basis?
    PS I take it from your reply that it currently is impossible to remove the comment bubble on a per page basis?  Not even with page specific css?

    1- No, the plugin uses a different Shortcode syntax, so you can install the plugin, and work on recreating a (plugin) [Show_posts] shortcode for each of the old one.

    You create a filter in the plugin that should match the old shortcode options, Test the new plugin shortcode based on that filter in a test page, once it does the same as the old shortcode, go ahead and replace the old one by the new one, and move onto the next one.

    This will be totally safe and fairly easy

    2- Once you installed the plugin, this will be very straightforward.

    • You juts go to Weaver Post & SLider option > Filter TAB
    • Enter a name, and click create filter
    • Go down the list of options to decide how the posts will display and which posts to filter and save these options.
    • Then just create a test page and above the content editor click the Add [show_posts] button to insert the shortcode/filter you just created.
    • Preview the page, and see if it shows the posts you want in the way you want. If not tweak the filter options until it does.  

    3- We would need to see what custom CSS rule you created and for what purpose, but it will eventually just require tweaking some class syntax. We can help you with that on a test page using the new show posts shortcode

    4- I don’t believe there is an option for that, but we can help with the CSS as it would be fairly easy.

    If you mean in a specific Post page, yes it is easy to do using a page selector. The rule (to be placed in the Theme Custom CSS Rule box) I believe will be the same in both cases (although I don’t have a test site using the old show_post to be sure) and will look like

    .page-id-xxxx .comments-bubble {display:none;}

    replacing xxxx by the page ID#

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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