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    Unless it’s just my abysmal internet connection, it seems that ‘weaver_show_posts’  quit working with the last WordPress update. I’m running WordPress 4.8 with the Weaver II Pro theme.

    See the problem at http://ssnet.org/study-guides/adult-teacher-resources/

    The following code is supposed to show 5 posts. This is fairly critical for my site.

    [weaver_show_posts cats=”teacher-aids” number=”5″ orderby=”date” sort=”DESC” show=”excerpt”]

    If you see it working, great! Please let me know. I’ve tried several times and do not get the correct display.

    If the code really did quit working, what can I do instead?


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    Later: The post didn’t go through because the correct forum wasn’t specified, so I can include an update:

    Since the native code that worked for years didn’t seem to work, I installed the Weaver Show Posts plugin. And I created a filter that specified showing 4 posts in the “teacher_aids” category. Inserted code:
    [show_posts filter=”teacher-aids”]

    Then the page showed the specified number of posts as excerpts with the specified number of words, but it did not respect the category filter.

    I then tried using the short code with parameters, as indicated in the filter:

    [show_posts category_name=-teacher-aids excerpt_length=60 posts_per_page=4 show=excerpt show_avatar=true]

    Still no joy! Four posts are shown, but not of the correct category.

    You can see that “teacher-aids” is a valid category at http://ssnet.org/blog/category/teacher-aids/

    Any other suggestions?

    (I’m in the process of switching to Weaver Xtreme, but that’s still on a test site and not ready. Need help with this. Thanks in advance.)

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    Edit/Update: Same result whether I check ” Use Current Theme’s Native Post Display – Native post display capability detected. You will need to try this option to see if it works or properly or not.” or leave it unchecked.

    What other options do I have?



    I see that the edit window is closed.

    So I’ll update in a reply:

    I’m sure some eagle eyes would have seen my error sooner, but I now see that a minus sign crept in before “teacher-aids” and I was seeing everything *except* “teacher-aids.” So the plugin is working but the old native Weaver II Plus code seems not to be working any more. (I’ll test this on another site to be sure. Right now my satellite internet is so unreliable I never know what’s the fault of my connection vs the fault of the site or the server.)


    By native Weaver II Plus code, do you mean the original show post shortcodes included with Weaver II Plus?


    If you were using the integrated show post shortcode of weaver II, now is a great time to switch to using the Weaver Show post plugin.

    It can do the same thing, plus more and has a much easier interface to setup the options.

    It will also convert seamlessly when you convert over to Weaver Xtreme, which you should really consider at this point. Below the link to the conversion process.

    Converting a Weaver II (Pro) or Aspen site to Weaver Xtreme


    Yes, Bruce, I meant  the original show post shortcodes included with Weaver II Plus. It worked flawlessly for years, so I saw no reason to do things differently. 😉

    Scrambler, you must have sent me a telepathic message in your sleep. 😉 (If you’re on EST, all my fretting and struggling occurred after your midnight and past midnight my time.) I did use the Weaver Show post plugin to make the page behave as it formerly did. And I’m delighted to hear that the plugin will convert seamlessly to Weaver Xtreme. 🙂 I confess, though, that I didn’t find the plugin setup any easier. After all, I was used to the “old way” and it is “easy” at this point. 😉

    Now that all is said and done, I still don’t know for sure whether the old code still works or not. My internet connection is currently so flaky that it could have been just a bad connection. I could *not* get my corrections to upload on my normal satellite connection but had to use the data plan on my phone.

    Thank you for your responses. 🙂


    Notifications are slowly coming in of pages not working as before. So I was right in concluding that the built-in Weaver II Pro “weaver_show_posts” stopped working after the last release of WordPress. And I will have quite a few pages to update.

    And, yes, the “Show Posts” plugin is a good thing. If I had foreseen the current state of affairs I would surely have used it sooner. I have built quite a few pages around the “show_posts” option.

    That really should be included in WordPress. Thanks for creating the plugin!





    @weaver @scrambler

    I need to clarify something:
    It is the shortcode [weaver_show_posts] that quit working. Much to my current relief the settings under the  “Weaver II Options For This Page” still appear to be working fine.

    Now my question:

    Will I have to edit all of these couple of dozen or so pages into using the “show_posts” filter?

    That would seem to mean that I should work on that now, before switching to Weaver Xtreme.


    I dont know if the weaver II integrated shortcode stopped working, as I have not tried to recreate a site using that, and you are the first one reporting it.

    But replacing all the weaver_show_post by shortcodes from the Show Post plugin is something you should do before converting to Xtreme, it will make them survive the conversion.

    That said, there would be nothing wrong with converting to Xtreme right away and replacing the weaver_show_posts shortcode by the Show post plugin as part of that process as explained in the conversion guide article.

    Basically it does not matter when you do it, but it has to be done if you move to Xtreme, because when you switch to Xtreme, the old weaver_show_posts will not work anymore.



    The shortcodes that came with Weaver II Plus definitely stopped working. I know that because I’m not the only one that sees only code, rather than the posts that are supposed to be included.

    But there is the Settings for “Page with Posts” Template that does still work. (See image below from Weaver II Pro.) Since I checked, and Weaver Xtreme appears to have the same options, I’m guessing those pages will still work correctly with Weaver Xtreme. And that will save me a fair bit of time. 

    Edit: OOPS! I forgot I changed the theme back to Weaver II Pro. So will still have to check whether Weaver Xtreme has those options.

    So I switched back to Weaver Xtreme, and the options are gone. 
    I believe they are restored in Weaver Xtreme Plus? Will the code carry over? (I’m still on the free version.)
    Since I have the “Show Posts” plugin installed, there is that option for new posts, but small comfort for converting a site.


    The Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme converter also converts Per Page and Per Post settings when possible. All aren’t equivlent, but most will convert.


    You need to install the Weaver Xtreme Theme Support Plugin, this is where all the page and post options as well as the legacy Admin.

    Please read the conversion article from start to end before starting to migrate to XTreme


    @Weaver: Thanks for the assurance that the Weaver Xtreme converter also converts Per Page and Per Post settings when possible. I didn’t bother using that on the test site because I just want to get acquainted with Xtreme.

    : I do have the Weaver Xtreme Theme Support Plugin installed. But the free version of Xtreme doesn’t seem to have anything close to a page with posts option. Just want to be sure that the Plus version does have it and will convert what I’m presently using.


    Weaver Xtreme page with posts template (without plus) has the same option as weaver II and more, so if you are not saying the page with posts options, I dont know what is going on…

    Create a page
    Select the page with posts template
    Now you should see all the “Xtreme Options for this page” sections with all the usual options and more.

    If you do not see that, something is wrong

    If you are just missing some specific options that were part of Weaver II “pro”, be specific and yes these may be part of Plus, like Per page Custom CSS.


    Here are Xreme basic page with post options (panels 1 and 2 below)

    below the Added options from Plus for the page with posts template


    Heaps of apologies are due to you, @weaver and @scrambler!

    By mistake, I created a “Test Page With Posts” as a post, not a page!! (I should have checked but didn’t till now.)

    When I created a page, all is now as you say!!

    So sorry! I do appreciate your willingness to help.
    The Page with Posts options look comfortingly familiar, with a few new options. Great!

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