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    (Apologies if this is the wrong place for this question – if so: suggestions where to go to are welcome…)

    On my (Dutch) site, http://www.verhalenmaker.nl, I use the 2010 Weaver theme. Recently the excerpts of the newest blogposts have been replaced by the complete text of the posts. Until then, the home page only showed the excerpt/summary of 3 or 4 lines and from there you could click to the entire post.
    In Settings/Read I find “For each post include” and selected “Excerpt” (or “Summary” – since I have Dutch menus I’m not sure which word the English version uses)

    Looking forward for help on getting the excerpts back on my home page!
    Help appreciated,




    I have no recollection of what the 2010 weaver settings are, but a couple of things to check.

    In case blog pages are similar to the new weaver theme, are you creating the Blog page using a Page based on the page with post template or are you using the default WordPress Blog page?

    To know if you are using the default WordPress Blog page, go to the Dashboard Settings > Reading and check what you have under “You home page displays”

    • If you have selected “your latest post” then you are using the WordPress default blog page and the theme settings don’t’ apply.
    • If you have selected a Static page, then the home page is created with the page named in the Homepage dropdown list below that. If so, you can go to the page editing page of that page, and check if it is using the page with posts template (if that exists in weaver 2010…) and if the page is set to display posts as excerpts or full posts.

    All that being said, you are using a completely OBSOLETE theme and therefore at this time Unsafe!
    You are also lucky it still works with the latest WordPress version, and it could become incompatible at any time.

    Your layout looks fairly standard, and I would highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of Weaver Theme which is the Weaver Xtreme Theme (together with its Weaver Xtreme Theme Support plugin). They are free, and you will likely find a subtheme that will get you very close to what you have now. We can then help you fine tune the layout using the various theme options.

    It will also make your site much more compatible with today’s Mobile devices (which account for the majority of the browsing). And if you wish, you will be able to take advantage of the newer layout features like full width areas to refresh the look of your site 🙂



    Thanks for your extensive answer. Will look into your suggestions and seriously consider moving to an up-to-date theme. Just hesitant for the inevitable work it will cost :-/



    You can always switch back (and forth) to the old theme during the transition. So, no harm in testing it and see how it goes.

    Save and download a copy of your existing setting for good measure.

    Make sure to install both the Xtreme Theme AND the Xtreme Theme support PLUGIN.
    The plugin will give you access to the legacy admin that mirrors what you had in the 2010 version.

    Then activate Xtreme and select a sub theme that is the closest to the look you have now. Check things out and come here if you need help to finalize the look under Xtreme.

    And if it takes too long and you don’t want to leave it under Xtreme until you have time to figure things out, you can switch back to 2010 temporarily.



    I’ve started moving to Extreme… Getting it to look more or less how I want it. However, I’m stuck on several points. Maybe you have some pointers?

    • Above the header, there is a text: “Verhalenmaker. Misschien wilt u een jubileum … het thema.” I suspect that it is a sticky note – however, in my entire installation, I cannot find where I typed it. I probably want to get rid of it – so the picture is the top of the page. How can I do that?
    • I do not like the font of the titles of the posts and of the elements in the side bar on the right. Where can I change those fonts to be in line with the other sans serif fonts?
    • I would like to change the hover-color of the titles of the posts. Now it is red, where do I change that colour?
    • How can I remove the search icon in the picture in the header? I want only the search widget in the right hand column.
    • How can I remove the wordt “Verhalenmaker” (the title of the site) from the menu bar. For one it it redundant and second it is aligned awkwardly.

    Any help or pointers appreciated!


    Some general info bout theme settings:

    If you installed the Theme Support plugin, you can use the old Legacy Admin in Appearance > Weaver Xtreme Admin > Main options, just explore the various page to see all that is available

    You should also try the New Customizer that gives you real time visualization of your changes in Appearance > Customize.

    For the Customizer, you have the choice to have it structured the same way as the Old Admin categorized primarily by WHERE things are (WHERE mode), and then subcategorize by what to change.

    But you can also set the customizer to WHAT mode, and then it will sort things out by what type of thing you want to change, then sub categorize by where.

    Play with it, it makes adjusting the style easier and more interactive!

    Never open both the customizer and the legacy admin at the same time, as they will conflict and overwrite each other!

    Bellow are the answers to your questions using either of the methods above.

    1- The text at the top is in a widget that is in the Widger Header Area.

    You can empty the widget area in Appearnce > Widget, or hide the widget area using the Hide area option for it

    2- These are Widget Titles, you can find the font settings for them in:

    Appearance > Weaver Xtreme Admin > Main options > Sidebar & Layout > Individual Widget > Title Font property

    Or Appearance > Customize (put it in WHERE mode not WHAT mode)> Sidebar & Layout > Individual Widget settings > Individual widget Title Typography

    3- The Post title Hover color is in:

    Appearance > Weaver Xtreme Admin > Main options > Post Specifics > Post Title ? Post Title Hover box

    , I cannot find the Post Title Hover Settings in the Customizer (Where)>post specifics>Post title.
    Is it missing or placed somewhere else?

    4- Search icon visibility is in:

    Appearance > Weaver Xtreme Admin > Main options > Header > Hide search on header drop down list

    or Appearance > Customize (put it in WHERE mode not WHAT mode)> Header Area > Header Visibility > Hide search on header drop down list

    5- Title in menu bar is in:

    Appearance > Weaver Xtreme Admin > Main options > Menus> Primary Menu bar > Add Site title to left check box

    or Appearance > Customize ( in WHERE mode not WHAT mode)> Menus> Primary Menu bar > primary Menu Layout > Add Site title to left check box



    Wow, thanks a lot!



    It was a bug, and probably that option has never been available in the customizer. It was an issue with the internal setting name. The customizer breaks when you use the same internal name for more than one setting, and does not display any of the duplicates. I think the name for the option, plus the name for the custom CSS have been the same for a long time, and thus neither would have been displayed.

    The fix will show up in the near future, but doesn’t seem urgent enough even to post a bleeding edge fix since the option is available in the legacy options.


    Great thanks

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