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    @GR8FL, the header image is still aligned left causing the mismatch with the background.

    Make sure to clear all your caches, then please list ALL the selected option you have in the Main options > Header > header Image section


    @thesurge – this confirms my diagnosis. Unless you visit the backend settings, the CSS doesn’t get updated. This issue should go away mostly as I’ve added some auto-update code when updating from 3.2 to 4.0. There may be a way to avoid the auto-update, but it is difficult now.

    What we previously thought was a caching issue was in fact due to using Version 3.2 generated CSS. The most noticeable instances were stretched width and the circles on the search form (due to switching from .png magnifiers to the dashicon symbol). I think that people revisiting the options trying to get it look right made it look right just because the CSS was regenerated, and it really wasn’t a caching issue. The problem manifests only when the options are left unvisited or untouched, which isn’t common. There will still be cases, I suspect, where people use tools like InfiniteWP to auto-update sites that won’t force the CSS to be regenerated.

    The changes in the generated CSS are absolutely necessary for some of the new full/wide alignment widths, as well as Gutenberg.


    @scrambler – been offsite all day. I restored Hattie’s Garden with a backup last night. It’s back to using Weaver Xtreme 3.2.3 Options – Plus (3.1.1).

    I will have an opportunity to try what @Weaver suggests regarding saving the CSS so it’s published with the new version in about 4 hours.



    It’s still messed up. I changed CSS & saved & re-cached and it is not displaying header properly. I centered header. NO CHANGE.

    Going to leave this up, but please tell me where I can download the previous theme and corresponding plugin versions.

    And please look at the screen shots I uploaded to my dropbox – The admin interface is all wrong.

    [Header: Options affecting the Header Area at the top of your site.
    Header Area | Header Image | Header Video | Site Title/Tagline | Header Widget Area| Header HTML] is supposed to be under, not through it on top.

    Version 4.05




    Archive downloads are below, but given you are the only one with that problem, we need to figure out what is going on.

    Archive Downloads

    Given it looks like your installation is corrupted (bad UI), I suggest the following.

    Save and download settings for good measure.

    Switch to a different theme

    Delete Xtreme Theme, Xtreme Plus plugin and Xtreme Theme Support plugin.

    Reinstall and activate Latest Xtreme Theme version 4.05

    Reinstall and activate latest Xtreme Theme Support plugin v 4.03

    Reinstall and activate latest Xtreme Plus plugin v3.1.1


    I’m cloning this over to a demo site until we can figure out what’s wrong. The new site is  http://xtreme.littledropup.com/




    Have you done what I mentioned above (deleting reinstalling) on the clone, and if yes, do you still have the same user interface glitches on the cloned with all new versions installed?

    You also never answered my question about listing all the options that you have in the legacy admin Header image section…



    I’ve re-read all your previous posts on this, and looked at the demo site.

    I am confused – there is a total hodgepodge of images and styling on the header image – but to what end? Just what are you trying to accomplish?

    To me, it looks as if the wide bg image you’ve set up a a bg image for the header is what you want the header to be – a full width header with all the parts. And that should be the only image you should need to define. I’m guessing that since it is a bg image, you’ve had trouble getting it ot display its correct height. So maybe you’ve tried a less wide version of the same image, but as a header image, to get the correct height?

    I just can’t understand any other reason for all the extra CSS.

    So, in my experience, it is essentially impossible to get a standard forground image to overlay a bg image and ever have theme line up. Don’t know why it seemed to work before, but I don’t think it ever should have worked at all – if that is your goal.

    So, instead of trying to get what you have to line up or whatever, please explain what you want to be happening with that header image. There should only be one, really. There are lots of options on how to display a header image. The fix might be as simple as specifying the wide version as the bg image, maybe making it a bg image via a Weaver Xtreme option, and then adding a minimum height for the header image area (an option with Plus).


    @weaver, let us not confuse things.

    The way the header image is setup works, and it is actually the way I set it up in the Xtreme Demo site on several pages.
    It allows the header to have a very large image that is not too high on large browsers. As the browser gets smaller the image is first cropped (retaining its height), then under a certain browser width, the image scales down. There is not other way to get this ideal behavior with any full width option.

    The goal here is not to fix her header which I can do with a simple CSS rule.
    The actual problems that need to be explained / solved are:

    1- She said she selected center for the header image alignment, yet, the image appears to be aligned left.
    When you select align center you normally get a rule
    #branding #header-image img {margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;}
    Yet her site has the rule
    #branding #header-image img {margin-left:0;margin-right:auto;}

    I can fix it with custom CSS, but I think we should investigate why, if she indeed is setting the header image align to center, the CSS produced is aligned left.

    2- She showed a mangled UI in the legacy admin.



    On demo site header is now centered. You can compare the way to the header is supposed to look on real site (reverted to backup).



    On demo site, it is centered and one-step layout is traditional. I also tried blank with same results. I also flushed out cache again. Also republished CSS.

    I need to step out, but will delete all plugins and theme and reinstall in a few hours.



    I don’t know ho many times I need to repeat my questions…

    On your demo site the header image still has the CSS for align left. so I need you to list ALL selected option in Main options > Header  > header Image section, so I can see if I can reproduce the issue


    I can’t figure out any set of options that would generate #branding #header-image img {margin-left:0;margin-right:auto;}.

    The code generated for right align, however, was not correct, and will be fixed in the next 4.0.6 release. I don’t see how that fix would apply to the ongoing discussion here, however.


    It appears the problem has been fixed, as the demo site now has the proper CSS and the header image is centered and works well.


    Believe demo site is working properly.

    Will need to clone to real site.

    I will report back.

    Thanks for your patience.


    I manually updated Hattie’s Garden. It finally looks okay, but I still have a mangled UI in the Xtreme Admin Area. I have logged out, refreshed cache, but it still is same.

    The demo site does not have this.

    I have two other sites to convert to the new theme (v4.05), but I’d like to have this resolved before I do them.



    Just updated IMC-L to Weaver Xtreme 4.0.5 Options – Plus (3.1.1). This site is on a different server than Hattie’s Garden.

    Same mangled UI. See screenshot.

    Also noticed the Search Input Box (it’s on the right sidebar widget) is different. Previous one had custom icon to the right and Search … New one has Search For and icon to left.

    See screenshot link for Before and After.

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