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    This post is intended to clarify some points about Weaver Xtreme and its associated plugins.

    Note that because of Weaver Xtreme’s new version policy, the significance of the versions are a bit changed. The new policy is to follow WP’s current major versioning for the first 2 digits of the version. Thus, since the current WP version is 6.2.x, Weaver Xtreme will follow the 6.2 part. This means that the last 2 digits of Weaver Xtrmes’s version that are important. Thus, Weaver Xtreme 6.2.0.x is now “old” and represented a major upgrade from the Previous 5.0.x. The current version 6.2.1.x represents a fairly major upgrade from 6.2.0.x. As if this post, the latest version in the WP repository is The next version will be The next major upgrade (not planned for anytime soon) might be 6.3.2.x – meaning it the next major release might be after the next major WP release. All confused now? Sorry about that.

    Now on to the plugins.

    Weaver Xtreme Plus is our premium plugin for Weaver Xtreme, and is licensed on a renewable basis. The recent version was 4.0, and the latest is now 6.2. Plus 6.2 has some new features, the most important includes full integration of font selection with Weaver Xtreme, self-hosting of the Plus fonts, and a new Grid layout for menus. The grid layout allows the current trend of a wide horizontal menu to open showing links (including images using WP’s custom link capabilities) arranged in a horizontal gird. The old V4 of Plus does not support these new features.

    And finally, the Weaver Xtreme Support plugin. At this point, Theme Support has three features:

    1. Legacy Settings interface. This is the old-fashioned Dashboard interface. In some ways, it is easier to use because each option has a horizontal layout, and it can be easier to see them all. The big disadvantage is the you do not get the instant update of the results of changing a setting as is provided by the Customizer. And most of the newer options added to Weaver Xtreme are being implemented only in the Customizer interface. The Customizer interface offers two organizational options, and the WHERE options closely follows the logical layout of the legacy interface.
    2. Short Codes – There several shortcodes provided by the Theme Support plugin. Most of the shortcodes are fairly generic and often have similar functionality found in new Block Editor blocks. Perhaps the shortcode most intimately tied to the theme is the [show_if] shortcode which will allow selective display of content depending on different options, including page width (mobile, tablet, screen).
    3. Classic Editor Style Matching – Finally, if you still use the Classic Page/Post editor, the Theme Support plugin is needed for the Classic Editor to closely match theme settings while editing. The Classic Editor will still work fine without the Theme Support, it just doesn’t match styling as closely.
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