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    Well, I thought that the new Version 6 of Weaver Xtreme was ready a month or so ago, but ended up adding some more changes and features.

    So, the release candidate for Weaver Xtreme 6.2 is available HERE.

    With this release, we hope to match Weaver Xtreme versions numbers with the latest WordPress release number.

    And note that the style of this Support Forum has been switched to the new Ahead subtheme.

    The three major changes over Weaver Xtreme 5 include:

    1. Weaver Xtreme now self-hosts the Google Fonts it uses. This it to comply with the latest EU rules which prohibit using Google to host fonts. It turns out that it is actually a bit faster to self-host, so this is a double win.
    2. There are three new sub-themes: Ahead, Ahead Light, and Ahead Dark.
    3. Most of the existing other sub-themes were refreshed a bit to conform to more modern design standards (full width design). All the thumbnails were updated.

    The final version should be released to the WordPress repository in about three weeks – I hope!

    Here’s the readme.txt summary of the significant changes made for Weaver Xtreme 6.2:

    • = Version 6.2 =* Update to WP 6.2. Weaver Xtreme version numbering will now follow WP version, with subversions as necessary (e.g. 6.2.1)
      * New: MAJOR CHANGE! The theme now self-hosts the open source Google fonts for GDPR and WP compliance
      * NOTE: If you have installed a self-host Google fonts plugin such as OMGF, you can now uninstall it
      * NOTE: Font files are not loaded by browsers until used, so this will generally speed up font loading
      * Change: Theme CSS now included inline for front-end CSS settings as well as for Block Editor styling
      * New: An option for more modern “Menu Only Header Design”
      * New: Login on main menu bar option
      * New: Three new sub-themes designed for modern fixed menu only at the top: Ahead, Ahead Dark, and Ahead Light
      * Updated: All older subthemes have been updated. Most now are full-width design, and don’t use previous extended width styling
      * Updated: Theme screen shot and description for WP Theme picker
      * Change: Theme Styling support for Classic Editor only supported when Weaver Theme Support plugin installed
      * Fix: Some editor (both classic and block) styling to match theme settings more closely
      * Fix: Changed CSS rules for spacing after block images and cover images
      * Fix: Z index problem with Primary and Secondary fixed-top menus
      * Fix: Corrected display of lists in block editor to include left margins
      * Fix: numerous code style updates
      * Fix: problem if no Featured Image set when attempting to use Parallax BG for posts
      * Fix: some PHP 8 code incompatibility in Audio post template
      * Fix: descriptions that have been missing from Customizer HTML Injection areas are now there
      * Tweaks: Styling on main menu bar items
    Eric Alvarez

    To be sure, about this new version and the Google fonts, it does as this plugin? -> https://forum.weavertheme.com/forums/topic/host-google-fonts-local/


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    I see the log message issue. It is from the Weaver Turkey bbPress plugin. On my list.


    Weaver 6 removes the need for the OMGF plugin when using any Google Font included with Weaver Xtreme. If you’ve added other Google fonts (e.g., via Weaver Xtreme Plus plugin), then you would still need OMGF.


    Yes, it is from here.

    It is from all places on “forum.weavertheme.com/forums/” with the” Welcome ….. Log Out box.”

    1 account is always wrong… 1 is always correct.

    Sorry, cannot recall if I have seen it before.


    I see that:  Forum > “List of All Forums” has the sidebar on the right.

    While all other 12 Forums have sidebar on the left as does “Home” and “Forum Help”.

    Looks like one escaped the lefties….  😉





    The default sidebar position for the new Ahead subtheme has sidebars on right by default. I missed changing one page type when adjusting it for the Forum. Still working on the login widget.



    Eric Alvarez



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