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    The release version of Weaver Xtreme Version 2.0 is now avaiable from:


    Your old Weaver Xtreme V1.3 should automatically update within a few days with the WordPress.org update notification.


    I am finding the customizer a strange interface to get used to. Yes, still running 4.3.1


    Well, the Legacy settings will remain, so you have the best of both worlds.


    Thank you for that, I hope it remains for a long while. I see you have another thread on the customizer write up you did and will post more comments there.


    Installed the new theme on a test site. Looks great and as you said in your other thread: It’s great fun to get the real-time preview. And, as you explained, it takes for some options some seconds to load but that’s still faster than having to do the preview refresh in another window.
    I was afraid that the new version would mean that there was no other choice than using the Customizer. It’s a relief that we have both… “the best of two worlds” as you put it.
    I’m using the legacy options to build our newest site as it needs to go fast. But as soon as I have the time to look into it, I’m sure using some of the options via the Customizer will make things easier (and faster!).

    I can imagine what a job it was to come to this, and you offer this to wordpress users for free….Congratulations.  For sure the Customizer setup will help a lot of users to discover and get used to the Weaver theme options. Hopefully many users appreciate your work enough to support you by purchasing the Plus plugin. In my idea it’s the least any user can do to show their appreciation (not to mention the additional options the plus plugin offers!)

    I’m still so glad I’ve found the Weaver theme a few years back.  I’m still nothing of an expert in WordPress or php, but thanks to your theme, I don’t particularly need to be in order to be able to produce personalized websites, all making use of that same amazing theme and looking as if styled and coded from scratch, as I used to do before converting to WordPress. WordPress still bothers me sometimes because it is, after all,  “prefab” , but the Weaver theme always offers solutions if I try hard enough to find them… Or if I come to this forum to get answers to any problem.

    Have a nice day.


    Is there an update to Xtreme Plus?



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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