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    The latest release of Weaver Xtreme – Version 5.0.3 should fix issues caused by auto-updating the theme using various tools such as Infinite WP or similar that will automatically update themes (and plugins).

    For optimal function and site speed, you should at some point actually login as an admin to your sites and view the site while logged in as an admin after making some change such as adding content or changing a setting.

    Technically, until you actually login as an admin, Weaver Xtreme V5 will not save your V5 settings in the WP Database, create a backup of your V4 settings, or generate style files that are used to enhance editing posts. Usually, all of this will happen automatically, and you’ll not notice what is going on. But with V5.0.3, you can delay actuallly logging in if the theme was auto-updated.

    ONE FINAL THING: You may have to force clear your cache, which would include clearing them when using services such as Cloudflare.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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