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    Hello. I am using Weaver Xtreme on a client’s site. He wanted to see if I could add the option to view his website on a mobile device but toggle it to desktop view. I’m not sure why he wants this option, but is this possible? I am thinking it is not, especially if I have been using .is-mobile or .is-desktop for some of the styling. Thank you in advance for your help. http://carolinainsurancesolutions.com/


    No it is not.

    This was something that was done in the early days of Mobile devices, and before people figured out the best way to build responsive sites.

    Nowadays we have all the tools to make sure content gets reorganized for an optimal presentation on mobile, and this is what should be done.

    Displaying the site on mobile like the desktop and forcing the users to scroll horizontally is a bad idea, one that xtreme does not support 🙂

    You need to explain to your customer that this would not project a very good image of his business.


    That’s what I thought. Just wanted to be sure. Thank you Scrambler. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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