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    We are running Weaver Xtreme on around 30 sites. All are clones of each other that have different colour schemes, logos and post content – otherwise structure is the same.

    We just upgraded the Weaver Xtreme Theme Support plugin on 3 of them from 3.1.8 to 4.0.3 and now the Weaver Xtreme Admin section is broken.

    When you browse to Appearance => Weaver Xtreme Admin we get the default page as before with the nav bar at the top and with the Theme Help section showing. However if you scroll down the page continues past the Copy To Clipboard button and the Sub Theme options show below this – this continues with all the other top level content showing that would normally only show when you click one of the nav buttons (Theme Help, Main Options, Advanced Options etc). It even shows the sub menu you would normaly see when clicking on Main Options (Wrapping Areas, Sidebars and Layout … Fonts and Custom).

    None of the nav buttons work in that they don’t change the content.

    It looks like somewhere a stylesheet / javascript file is not loading or running to hide the non-active content and switch between the different nav sections.


    This has been consistent across the 3 sites that have been upgraded – all the sites on 3.1.8 are still working fine.

    Any ideas?


    What version of the theme are you running?

    You cannot go to the theme support plugin 4.x, without also updating the theme to the latest 4.x, as the legacy admin use to be in the theme support plugin, but has been moved to the theme.

    if not the issue, post the content of the site info box found in the help page and give a link to the site


    Thanks for the response,

    We are still on V3 of the theme, one of the “admins” went on a “plugin update” clicking spree and upgraded the WX Theme Plugin without any consideration for the consequences.

    If I understand you correctly – the configuration settings in Appearance -> Weaver Xtreme Admin will be restored once we update the theme.

    We actually run a child theme from the WX theme – are there any need-to-knows with upgrading to 4 and child themes.

    Again – appreciate the response.


    Yes, once the theme is updated the legacy admin will be back.

    I will let @weaver comment if there are any changes in v4.x that should be propagated in a child theme (I have not heard of any so far).

    You may want to explain what kind of changes are made in your child theme.



    It depends on how deep the child theme is. Simple child themes, with a few typical mods to functions.php should be no problem. But if you’ve overridden anything in the header.php code, that will have to be fixed to work with 4.x. There are some relevant comments in the release notes if I remember correctly.


    We created a stage site (copy of live) updated the Theme and all seems to be working as it should.


    Appreciate the input.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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