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    Yes, I have dozens of appeals to developers and many problems have been eliminated by my appeals (including, we have repeatedly communicated with you). And, as a rule, I am quite friendly when communicating. However, there was a prehistory here, I already had a correspondence with the support of the plugin, therefore, perhaps I have reasons for more dissatisfied. ))


    Just a note from the site Keymaster.

    I am closing this topic.

    @scramblee\r went way beyond our normal support to help you fix a problem that simply is not theme related. Normally, we are more than happy to help with theme related issues, even sometimes supplying custom CSS hints to that augment the theme’s native CSS.

    Normally, we do not help with issues caused by plugin incompatibilities. A long time standing rule in the WordPress world is  that plugins are expected to follow is that then MUST provide CSS rules that are neede to make themselves work. Normally this means wrapping any content they require in a plugin specific class name. If their layout requires specific assumptions, then the plugin MUST provide the essential CSS. Plugins must NOT break themes.

    All of the support for this broken plugin should have come from the plugin authors, and not the theme support.

    I really should have closed this thread much earlier, as the whole tone of the original poster has been a bit hostile and entitled the whole time.  Just to be crystal clear – the problem is with a broken plugin, and NOT the theme. I’ve been travelling, and sorry I failed to control this thread earlier.

Viewing 2 posts - 17 through 18 (of 18 total)
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