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    On Weaver XTreme Pro, where are the filters when using the page with posts template? The documentation mentions filtering, but I can’t find a category or tag list in the interface.


    On the page, select the page with post template and then update the page. The following text will appear with fields to enter the list of categories, tags , order by, etc. :

    Settings for “Page with Posts” Template
    These settings are optional, and can filter which posts are displayed when you use the “Page with Posts” template. The settings will be combined for the final filtered list of posts displayed. Use commas to separate items in lists. (If you make mistakes in your settings, it won’t be apparent until you display the page.)

    Note: the Page with Post template is available with Weaver Xtreame PLUS

    Just to prevent future misunderstanding, there is no such thing as Weaver Xtreme pro.

    There is a free Theme Weaver Xtreme that also requires a free Plugin Weaver Xtreme Theme support for full functionalities.

    And there is an additional “for purchase” plugin Called “Plus” to add advanced features to the theme.


    Thanks Scrambler

    I’ll use the expression Weaver XTreme (with Weaver Xtreme Plus) going forward. This forum is such a great resource and it’s important not confuse other users with random nomenclature. 

    Thanks also to you and all of the other members who regularly work these questions. The Weaver Xtreme theme and plus plugin is a great combination. I’ve been able to do everything needed to get the appearance and functionality wanted.

    Thanks Maureen, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Now my page makes sense.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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