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    Hi, have just finished creating a website for my theatre company using Weaver Xtreme – loving it! Website is: http://www.curiouslegends.com.au

    The theme is working great, however have an issue with the mobile view. I’ve set the home page to include 4 parallax posts, with images and videos under the scrolling image. I’m currently using columns with html text to have a column of text, and column with the video. I.e., ‘div class=col-2-right’ & ‘div class=col-2-left’, etc.

    While this works great for the desktop view, when the site is presented on mobile devices I still have 2 columns, which doesn’t work on mobile devices. Ideally, the site should present 2 columns in each parallax post on the home screen from desktop computers, then a single column with the video (youtube & vimeo) under it when viewed from a mobile. How can I go about doing this?




    First you are using the old weaver II column classes that no longer apply to Xtreme.
    The proper ones and how to use them is below

    But given you have Plus, there is now an even better and easier way to deal with this, and it is the new Flex-column widget. read the tutorial below to see how to use it and how to incorporate it in your content


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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