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    Just had 6 WP websites go down that are using Weaver Xtreme 5.0.5. According to the web host provider, the sites with Weaver Xtreme were hitting the I/O resource limit they’ve allocated to my account.   In any case it appears Weaver Xtreme was creating a heavy I/O load.

    And I’ve updated where I could to 5.0.6

    Is this a known issue or is there a fix for this?  I really like the flexibility of your theme and don’t relish having to re-develop the websites that now look like crap with the default twentytwentyone them.   Maybe it’s something else, but considering it’s all ones and zeros, programmed by humans, what could go wrong?


    5.0.6 was created to resolve some incompatibility with some PHP versions that could generate a stream of error messages, so I would start by updating all of the site to 5.0.6

    If after updating all to 5.0.6 you still have the issue, try providing more details such as copy paste the System Info box from the Theme Help page here, and eventually get more specific about what resource limits are being maxed out.


    There is nothing changed in the recent V5 upgrade that would affect any I/O load. I’m not even sure what that might mean. While Weaver might be slightly more resource intensive than some themes (and I’m not really sure that is really true for sites that are all block editor oriented), I just don’t know how Weaver could be significantly different than any other theme. The only thing than could cause I/O issues would be lots of images, videos, or streaming content.



    Thanks for the suggestions and input.  My sites use the classic editor, not the block editor.  There are lots of images on some of the sites, though not videos.  I checked all the other plugins and no apparent issues there that affected I/O activity.

    It’s a puzzle alright.


    Is the I/O issue constant, and can you monitor it?

    If so:

    • Have you tried to actually deactivate ALL non weaver plugins and see if the I/O isse chages?
    • Have you tried switching to a different theme temporarily and see if it makes a difference?
      If it does, it could be worth doing a full refresh of the Weaver stuff by doing the following:

      • Save your weaver settings and download a copy for good measure
      • Switch to a different theme
      • Delete ALL weaver theme and weaver Plugins
      • Reinstall and activate The Xtreme Theme from WordPress, and check the I/O
      • Reinstall and activate the Xtreme Theme Support plugin and any other public Weaver plugin from WordPress and check the I/O
      • If you have plus, do the same with the Xtreme Plus Plugin, using a freshly downloaded version from your weaver account

    There may be two things going on.

    First, move to to a different theme from within File Manager, back in WP, deleting weaver-xtreme and relevant plugins, then reinstalling weaver-xtreme and activating it has restored functionality.

    The resource issue may very well be another issue.  Gotta love solving those multiple troubles.  Onward, wherever it may lead.  Thanks All for your support.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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