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    This is getting close to the final Weaver 4.0 Release.

    Get it here: https://weavertheme.com/beta-versions/

    New since the 3.9.3 version:

    * New: Arctic White – new default subtheme
    * New: Cosmic Latte subtheme

    * Enhancement: Added SmallCaps variant of Alegreya sans and sans-serif font

    * Change: several subthemes modified to use new Wide/Full display modes
    * Change: several subthemes removed from choices

    * Fix: missing close div on page with post template



    With this version, there was a conflict with the weaver post slider:
    – Carousel does not work – does not move images



    Problem solved.
    After the beta version of the theme was updated, the slider carousels had to be re-configured



    So far everything in this version is running smoothly except I still have that issue with a post that was created with the Classic Editor that switches to the Gutenberg Editor upon pressing “Update”.

    I don’t know if you are familiar with the Classic Editor plugin, but apparently many people will be using it when Gutenberg finally gets released whenever WordPress 5.0 comes out.

    It has two modes that are configured in the writing section of the settings:

    1. You can totally override the Gutenberg Editor by unchecking the box that says, “Do not replace the editor. Add alternate links to the Posts and Pages screens for editing with the Classic editor.”

    2. You can have both editors exist together by checking that box.

    I’m wondering if I should report this to the Classic Editor plugin developer or the Gutenberg Editor developers, or do you think it’s a bug with the way Weaver is interacting with the settings.

    I could leave the setting to totally override Gutenberg because it seems to behave fine if I do that, but I would like to learn Gutenberg at my convenience, but I find it confusing to have them toggle if it’s not being done correctly due to a bug that I’m not sure to whom I should report this to.




    Do you use Gutenberg in the form of a plug-in now?




    Yes, I’m using the current version of the Gutenberg plugin and the Classic Editor plugin with the Weaver Xtreme Beta version 3.9.7

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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