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    I’m working on a new webshop using weaver xtreme as the main theme and woocommerce for the shop.
    I have created a child theme for weaver xtreme and I’m now trying to style the look of my products page using css that I place into the styles.css file of the child theme.

    I have used the inspector tool to find out which classes I need to change for centering the price, product name and the add to cart button.
    When I make the changes in the inspector tool it works.

    When I put the relevant code in my styles.css it doesn’t work. Nothing happens.

    I’ve searched the forum and found some similar posts (http://forum-archive.weavertheme.com/discussion/11549/woocommerce-images-and-product-page-display-not-working, http://forum-archive.weavertheme.com/discussion/12319/woocommerce-and-we, http://forum-archive.weavertheme.com/discussion/12611/woocommerce-weaver-xtreme-plus-integration) and tried out the given solutions. Nothing works for the moment.

    Here’s a link to my products page : https://huilepremium.com/produits/
    The site is not yet finished and it’s in french language.

    I don’t understand why nothing happens when I add the appropriate css code to the styles.css of my child theme.

    Can anybody help me out here ?

    Thanks in advance.


    First, you do not need a child theme to implement Custom CSS.

    Custom CSS can be placed  in two different location.
    For global rules that you create with a full selector, place the rule in Main options > Fonts & Custom > Custom CSS Rule box.
    For additional styling of an element that has and existing options box, place the CSS property between curly brackets in the object attribute CSS+ box

    All these are saved with all other theme options and survive any update.

    You only need a child theme if you have advanced PHP modifications to make to the theme.

    So Place your Custom CSS there and if it does not work, tell us what is the Custom CSS and describe precisely what it is for so we can check the page and see what is going on.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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