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    Weaver Xtreme 3.0 and Weaver Xtreme Theme Support 3.0 have been released to WordPress.org, and should be available via automatic update before too long.

    To take advantage of the new handling of Extended BG Attributes and some other improvements, you should open the Weaver Xtreme options (preferably in the Legacy version) and Save Settings. This will update the generated CSS to the new version. Sorry, there was no way to make this automatic.

    And do checkout the new features. They are outlined on the front page of WeaverTheme.com.

    This thread is closed. If you have issues with the new Version 3.0, please start a new discussion to explain your issue. As always, a clear and complete explanation of your issue, and a link to your site will help us help you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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