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    I’ve just posted a beta version of Weaver Xtreme V 6.2.1 which has some major enhancements to Weaver Xtreme V6.2.0.x.

    See: https://weavertheme.com/beta-versions/

    The change log:

    = Version 6.2.1 =
    * New: Add outline font option for titles
    * New: For Weaver Xtreme Plus 6.2 - Integrated font selectors in Customizer
    * New: For Weaver Xtreme Plus 6.2 - Grid Sub-menus for Primary and Secondary
    * Updated: Matching content styling has big improvements for both Classic and Block editor.
    * Revised: Some revised information in Customizer for font usage
    * Revised: Demo child theme
    * Fix: Some PHP 8.2+ incompatibilities

    That may look like a short list, but there are three big new features, two which require Weaver Xtreme Plus 6.2.

    The new free feature is adding an outline to most Headings and Titles. There is an added checkbox (Customizer Only) that simply adds an outline to several specific titles. The titles will use whatver color has been set, and there is a global outline text setting as well. This can add some nice styling in appropriate situaations.

    Maybe the biggest addition is integration of Weaver Xtreme Google Fonts with all the Font Selector options. No more need to switch to the special Legacy Plus Interface to have all the Plus Google Fonts available. And the Plus fonts are also now self-hosted. which made the integrated Font Selector fesible.

    And as part of the process of adding the latest web design features to Weaver Xtreme, there now is an option to show the first level sub-menus for the Primary and Secondary menus as a full width grid of rows and columns. The beta version juat has full s width grid, but the final version should also support wide align grids. As a bonus, this feature is temporarily available in this beta versions. They will revert to Plus only options in the final release. Note that you can check out the new grid menu right here on this site!

    Another big improvement is the style matching in the classic and block editors. The editors now show almost all styling settings as the final outpue. While there was style matching before, it is now more complete.

    Note thatWever Xtreme Plus Version 6.2 has been released. It should auto-update, but perhaps not update every site equally fast. This will be only for currently activated sites. Using older, non-updated versions of Weaver Xtreme Plus will not support these new features. Note that Weaver Extreme Plus 6.2 is completely backward compatible with older versions, while supporting grid menus and integrated fonts with Weaver Xtreme 2.2.1.

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