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    There have been several issues with Weaver Xtreme 6.2.1 that have been fixed in just released on WP.

    There was a typo that  created an undefined function that was evident when using he WHAT Customizer.

    There were problems with Custom CSS options (both from the Customizer and the equivalent CSS+ options in the legacy interface.)

    These have been fixed. They were difficult to test because there are so many option. The problem was caused by changing Weaver Xtreme to use only inline CSS rather than loading CSS from files. All should be working now.

    One side effect of fixing the issue is that when using the Customizer for Custom CSS, the site display screen will refresh when entering the Custom CSS rules instead of trying to auto-update the site display.


    No it did not. Still a problem and again I changed back to


    The problem still exist.

    All kind of code in top off my site…

    Went back to 6.2.1


    Deactivate the plugin : Weaver Xtreme Theme Support

    And now the problem has gone. WP 6.2 + Weaver Xtreme

    Thanks for this great theme.


    This is not a solution as the theme support plugin is used for some key stuff.

    Have you tried reinstalling the latest theme support version from WordPress ?

    It should be 6.2.9 and if you have the plus Plugin, that should be 6.2


    @HCB, @webitman

    I am unable to reproduce any issues with the current version currently available on the WP theme repostory.

    There were two know issues with the version.

    1. an undefined eesc_html__ function which was a typo and only manifested when using the WHAT Customizer interface.
    2.  An issue with Custom CSS (from the customizer, or the CSS+ options in the legacy interface). Those options did not work, or caused some CSS text to be displayed at the top of the site. This problem was caused by a problem making the theme backward compatible with Weaver Xtreme Plus V4 (vs the current V6.2 which has been released but only to those with current Weaver Xtreme Plus licenses.)

    There were a couple of test versions of Weaver Xtreme 6.2.1.x released before the current was release to the  WP repository.

    Please see the (about to be posted) thread explaining the new versioning numbering, and the Theme Support plugin.

    If have updated to Weaver Xtreme V from the WP repository and continue to have issues with seeing CSS, please post a private post here for follow up.

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    I’m 95% sure I’ve found the issue, and it was a two parter:

    First, the theme caches generated CSS, and it was not being cleared for the new theme versions. That will happen automatically now when a new theme version changes the format of the saved CSS (but only when logged in as would be expected – only authorized access to the settings). The GPL borrowed code the theme uses to minify the CSS for the cache apparently does not handle unusual variation of /* comments */, and the theme was was using a few CSS comments that apparently broke the minify code resulting in some broken partial comments in the cached CSS. This did not always result in stray characters appearing on the site.

    Testing was pretty difficult for this one, mostly because of the unexpected problem with the CSS minify code. Couple that with the caching issue, and we had a mystery.

    Weaver Xtreme should fix this. It was no wonder it was so difficult to diagnose.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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