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    The final beta of Weaver Xtreme 6.0.9 is available:

    Beta Versions

    The final version of the Theme support 6.1 is also available at that link.

    The final 6.1 version of the theme will be uploaded within the next few days. It is compatible with PHP 8.1 (and likely 8.2, but 8.2 is not yet released for our development environment). It requires a minimum of PHP 7.1, so if your host is still using any version before 7.1, Weaver Xtreme WILL NOT WORK. You can download the beta .zip file, but once the final version is avaiable on the WordPress theme repository, it will not work or even allow activation if your host does not have at least PHP 7.1.


    Looking forward to it. I will plan out my day to make sure I get all 5 of the sites I have running on it updated.




    Most of my Weaver installations have been running on PHP 7.4, so they should be ok, but one of them is only running MySQL 5.6.41. Is that still ok?

    I contacted Hostgator on Twitter and they told me they will eventually get around to it:

    ‘We can move the account in question to a newer server that does have MySQL 5.7 on it, however we’d need permission to do so as it would very likely require a nameserver change on the domain.

    Our plan is to get all shared servers updated to 5.7 however HostGator has been going through a pretty tumultuous couple of months since our acquisition by Newfold Digital so a couple things have been delayed. So eventually your server will get 5.7 but that date is TBD right now.”


    We develop Weaver Xtreme with PHP 5.7, but if WP 6.1.1 is working on your 5.6.41, there is no reason to think that would change how the theme works as themes don’t normally interact with the DB directly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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