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    Weaver Xtreme V5 is a MAJOR update to the Weaver Xtreme theme. There have been many code changes.

    If you are using a child theme, and are experiencing broken site issues, then you may need to revert to V4.4.8.

    Given all the specialized things that can be done in a child, especially if they involve using any theme settings, it is quite possible that things will break.

    I’m sorry this may be the case, but it is also impossible to not make some of the improvements while keeping perfect compatibility with child themes.

    I do not think may designers have needed to resort to a child theme, but do be aware of this. About the only thing you can do is go over your child theme, and compare V4 functions with V5 functions to see what may have changed.


    I reverted to V4.4 and it resolved all my issues. Thanks for the Weaver Xtreme theme it is very useful.



    Thank you very much for Weaver Xtreme. I use it on several sites and hosting clients use it (at my recommendation) on nearly a dozen more.

    I do use child themes and 5.0.3 still breaks one of my sites ( https://suddenlyathome.net ). I have tried each release since 5.0 and in each case the Featured Image that should be a thumbnail on the top page (for the most recent 5 posts) shows up full-sized instead.

    After trying each version I revert to 4.4.8 and it’s all good again.

    Let me know if I can provide any information to help you debug.


    The only way we can help is by seeing the site while it is running the V5. If you cant leave it on V5 so we can look at it, then you need to create a clone in a subfolder we could examine.

    Make sure that:

    • You install the latest Xtreme Theme version.
    • You have installed the Xtreme Theme Support plugin latest version
    • Go in Appearance > Xtreme Admin > Main options > Post Specifics > Featured Image, and review you featured image settings to make sure the proper option is selected, then click “Save Settings” to refresh everything (even if you did not make changes)
    • Clear ALL your caches (Cloudflare, plugins, browser….)

    And if the problem is still there, provide a link to the page with problem with sprcifics


    Done. The site https://suddenlyathome.net is now running (a child theme with parent) WX 5.0.3  and theme support plugin 5.0.2.

    Here is what the site should look like, and does under 4.4.8:



    What are you using a Child them for, did you make PHP changes in the child theme.

    If you deactivate the child and just run the theme, what does it looks like?


    I have modified footer.php and functions.php. But the main reason for using a child theme is to supply custom CSS for dozens of styles.

    Using straight 5.0.3, I see that the Featured Image size problem is resolved. Of course all of my style mods are gone, and the footer is once again generic.


    Also, did you Go in Appearance > Xtreme Admin > Main options > Post Specifics > Featured Image, and was FI Location Excerpt  set to “with content Top” and the size to thumbnail.

    And did you click “Save Settings” to refresh everything (even if you did not make changes)?

    Because clearly the theme does not seem to have inherited all of the 4.4.8 settings. Header image and menu are not using the proper options and so on…

    Can you also try to deactivate the lazy load image jetpack plugin option


    Yes, all of that (Appearance > Xtreme Admin > Main options > Post Specifics > Featured Image) was true and I hit Save Settings.

    I disabled the Jetpack lazy load and no change.


    I would have to see what code mods your child theme has, and how it setups all those dozens of CSS styles.

    But child themes are the most likely source of issues.


    It was the child theme. My edits to footer.php added two things, but those edits were on a base of footer.php as of summer 2020 (v4?). I started over with the v5 footer.php and added my two customizations and the Featured Image size anomaly cleared up.

    There remained two formatting changes that v5 caused:

    — The main menu had been flush-left, with v5 it became centered. Fixed in Weaver Xtreme admin > Main Options > Menus > Primary Menu Bar.

    — The Search box changed line height (smaller) and lost its background color. Tried re-establishing the background color in admin > Main Options > Content Areas > Search Boxes, but it did not fix it. There is no control there for line height but I can probably run down the affected ID or class and apply that.

    Thanks for your help.


    Thanks for the report.

    Regarding the child theme, there is no need to use a child theme for custom CSS.

    All Custom CSS can and should just be placed in the Theme Global Custom CSS Rule box. This is saved with all the other options and survives updates.


    The menu flush placement is a side effect of a philosophy change in menu display options.

    If you have Weaver Xtreme Plus, you can add wvrx-fullwidth to the add class box on the Primary/Secondary settings. The will return to the way Extend BG menus looked before with the bg color going full width, but the menu left aligned with the theme width.

    Weaver V5.0.4 will add the ability to add a class (wvrx-fullwidth) to the primary or secondary menu without the need for Plus. Should be released in a few days after some more time for  other possible issues.


    @scrambler — good to know about custom CSS, thanks. Don’t think there’s a way to customize the footer short of editing footer.php. If there is I’d be glad to know it.


    For PHP changes, you do need a child theme

    That said, if you explain what changes you are doing with that, we can check if there would be a different way.


    @Weaver @Scrambler

    I use a Child Theme to change the Comments Wording, limit the comment size etc.

    As per the image below, after updating to V5, the Child sill shows graphically it is V4 and none of the added functions phps are working.

    I have manually changed the Child functions.php to include the new weaver-child-demo code but it makes no difference.

    None of the php in the child functions.php works with either my old V4 or new V5 versions when running Xtreme V5.

    Currently the Child functions.php is set on the V5 version as below.

    Am I missing something in the update from the V4 to V5 Child?

    The V4 Child functions.php is here:
    The V5 Child functions.php is here:

    Regards and thanks,

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