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    UPDATE: While the following discussion was accurate, the limitations described have been removed by Weaver Xtreme V5.0.3. There should be no more issues with auto-updating the theme. HOWEVER, the way this is avoided will use the default V4.4.8 to V5 conversions, and generate inline CSS for the site. If this behavior does not need modification, it is no long absolutely required that you log in to your site. However, if you edit content or make style changes, the site will update to how it was intended to function using generated CSS files and actually saving options settings in the WordPress database.

    ——– following is more or less unneeded any more ——-

    As we’ve noted before, Weaver Xtreme 5 contains many new features, as well as necessary and important changes to keep it compliant with the newest versions of WordPress and changing web standards. Because of this, updating to Weaver Xtreme 5 has not proven to be totally invisible, and for some sites will require manual updating.

    One important difference is that V5 must update some files saved in the /wp-content/uploads directory. This means that the theme must be updated while logged in as an admin. After updating the theme, especially the first time, opening the site while logged in as the admin will usually generate all the required new files. If you’ve had issues with the earliest released of Weaver Xtreme 5, you may also need to open the Legacy or Customizer interface, make a small change and then change it back, and then save the settings. This method seems to always work.

    BUT – if you have any system that automatically updates the theme, it is unlikely that the necessary new style files will be generated, and that you need to follow the above steps.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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