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    I am starting a new website and I just uploaded everything for Weaver.  5.0 is the version that I started with.

    When I have everything ready I am unable to use the Weaver Xtreme Admin menu.  None of the links move.

    I am unable to choose a subtheme or go to the main options, nothing.

    Is the idea to only use the customizer from now on?

    The site is https://advancedlsperformance.com/

    When I upload an older version, all of the normal admin menu options work



    You need to be using Weaver Xtreme 5.0.6 and the latest Weaver Xtreme Theme Support plugin to use the legacy admin.


    I have 5.0.6 as the Theme, which is what WordPress has as the latest update and I have version Version 5.0.2 of the Xtreme Theme Support plugin.

    Are there any newer versions?

    I think it might be a PHP memory issue.  I will contact my hosting company


    paste the content of the system info box (Theme help page) here just to have a look


    My hosting company worked some magic and now everything seems to be working.

    Thank you so much for always being there for us! 

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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