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    Weaver Xtreme has been uploaded to the WordPress Repository.

    This version contains significant refactoring of the previous code, and has had significant testing on the beta versions.

    Please open new threads if you have any issues with

    Here is the final list of additions, changes, and fixes in Weaver Xtreme

    = Version 4.4 =
    * Updated: Major refactoring of Customizer Interface Code
    * Tweak: Improved menu locations of some Customizer Options
    * Added: Some transition features for version 5.0
    * Added: alignment option to #wrapper
    * Added: L/R % Padding to Wrapper, Container, Header, Footer
    * Updated: Gallery Post Format code updated
    * Added: New Text Transform and character spacing options to Customizer Font options (Xtreme Plus. Will not be added to Legacy)
    * Added: New “Absolutely” subtheme – uses Align Wide + L/R % padding to get full width layout
    * Updated: Gallery Post Format code
    * Tweak: Fixed issues with Site Title on Primary Menu: color wasn’t inherit by default, double instance on default menu
    * Tweak: Added new help info for Fixed top menus, html, and widget area.
    * Tweak: Changed styling of Customizer Option groups for better readability
    * Fix: Added missing ‘Full text for 1st “n”</em> Posts’ option to Customizer. Was in Legacy before.
    * Fix: Custom A and Custom B font sizes fixed in Customizer
    * Fix: Global Word Spacing
    * Fix: Version number for generated CSS file (Weaver Xtreme Plus)
    * Fix: block embed alignwide CSS
    * Fix: Italic/Bold now works for Site Tagline
    • Fix: Woocommerce  incorrect name for support filename

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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