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    I’ve uploaded what I hope is the final beta of Weaver Xtreme 4.4

    Here is the link: https://weavertheme.com/beta-versions/

    The Version 4.4 of the Theme Support Plugin has been posted to the WordPress.org plugin repository, so you should update to that version.

    As a reminder, here are the chanages for 4.4:

    = Version 4.4 =
    * Updated: Major refactoring of Customizer Interface Code
    * Tweak: Improved menu locations of some Customizer Options
    * Added: Some transition features for version 5.0
    * Added: alignment option to #wrapper
    * Fixed: default alignment for #wrapper is center
    * Added: L/R % Padding to Wrapper, Container, Header, Footer
    * Updated: Gallery Post Format code
    * Tweak: Fixed issues with Site Title on Primary Menu: color wasn’t inherit by default, double instance on default menu
    * Added: New “Absolutely” subtheme – uses Align Wide + L/R % padding to get full width layout
    * Tweak: Added new “Clear One-Step Layout Settings”
    * Fix: Added missing ‘Full text for 1st “n” Posts’ option to Customizer. Was in Legacy before.

    Please report issues to https://forum.weavertheme.com

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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