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    Weaver Xtreme 4.4.5 and Weaver Xtreme Theme Support 4.4.5 were just released.

    There is a somewhat major change in the Customizer interface but I suspect that many will not even notice. The Legacy Link Menu previously found at the top of the Customizer Menu has been removed, and will not be supported in the future.

    There are apparently some changes to the jQuery version released with WP 5.7 which broke the customizer on at least some installations – the spinning “Customozer loading” message would never go away.

    We’ve decided to remove the Legacy Link Menu permanently for a few of reasons.

    1. There has been a major improvement in the WP Customizer code that really seems to speed up loading the Customizer interface for Weaver Xtreme’s big menu.
    2. The soon to be released Weaver Xtreme V5 has already removed that Legacy menu. Instead, Weaver Xtreme V5 now has two alternate Customizer interface layouts. The traditional “WHAT” interface found on Weaver Xtreme V4 and before is being joined by a new “WHERE” interface that corresponds more closely to the organization of the Legacy checkbox interface. Combine that with the faster Customizer, and that extra Legacy Link menu no longer seems necessary.
    3. There are significant differences in the WordPress core options interface between the legacy approach and the Customizer. It is no longer really technically feasible to maintain compatibility while adding new features.

    So all of the options previously available from the Legacy Interface (except for some of the shortcode options, and for now many Weaver Xtreme Plus options) will not be supported by Weaver Xtreme V5. And as new Weaver Xtreme Plus options (like new support for Woocommerce) are added, most options will also be moved to the Customizer.


    Is there some more information available about Weaver Xtreme V5 ?
    Like differences to V4, time schedule for release and efforts for migration from V4 to V5?
    And what is the impact of future Gutenberg developments vs. Weaver theme?

    Thanks and regards, Tooni


    So far, there seems to be nothing that breaks when switching to Weaver Xtreme V5 – no migration necessary. I don’t have a firm date for release, but may release an early beta version within the next few weeks. The Weaver Xtreme Support plugin is already compatible with V5 (mostly to support the removal of the Legacy Options interface.)

    The most significant difference is the addition of the “Where” Customizer interface. The existing “What” interface is essentially identical, with a few items reorganized a bit and support for some of the previous Legacy Only options. The new “Where” interface closely matches the existing Legacy Interface.

    As part of this, the actual code that interfaces to the WP Customizer API was significantly rewritten, and seems to be much smaller. The speed increases seem to be mostly from improvements in WP as even the Weaver Xtreme V4.4 Customizer is running much faster these days.

    Some older Weaver Xtreme options will be eliminated in the future, but will remain as “obsolete” options in V5.0.


    There has been some discussion of what may be called “Gutenberg Themes”. They represent a radical re-definition of what a theme does, and how it is put together. I don’t think there is any hope that Weaver Xtreme can be come a Gutenberg Theme, and there are no plans to go in that direction. It would take a brand new theme, essentially built from scratch, and we have no plans to do that.

    That said, I also believe that the current crop of “classic” themes will continue to be supported for years to come by WP. There is still a huge number of WP sites that do not use the Block Editor (the Classic Editor plugin is easily the #1 plugin used by WP sites), and I would expect the same for any switch to Gutenberg Themes.


    @Weaver: Thank you for the detailed information!

    Regards, Tooni

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