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    Weaver Xtreme 4.0 and the accompanying Weaver Xtreme Theme Support 4.0 have been uploaded to WordPress.org and should show up in your update notifications soon.

    • You should not need to make changes to existing sites when you upgrade, but as always, it would be a good idea to save your theme settings first.
    • Perhaps the biggest change is full integration with the new Gutenberg editor. Weaver Xtreme is the first full featured theme to do this as far as we can tell. When using Gutenberg, you will have very close to full WYSIWYG display of your pages and posts. As part of this support, Weaver Xtreme now will support wide and full alignment for many other areas of a page such as the header and footer.
    • The per page and per post options are now integrated with the theme and no longer require the Theme Support plugin. In fact, if you use the Customizer and don’t use the shortcodes included with the Theme Support plugin, it really is no longer an essential part of Weaver Xtreme.
    • There is now integrated support for page builders. Beyond the support for standard pages and posts created with a page builder, you can also use the page builder to create a custom header or footer which you can use to replace the standard header or footer. You can actually specify and page or post to host the alternate header/footer, including one you might create with Gutenberg.

    Here’s the full list of changes:

    = Version 4.0 =

    * New: Complete style integration with the Gutenberg Editor plugin. Gutenberg will be the new editor to be included with WordPress 5.0.
    * New: Added new WP alignfull and alignwide support. Many areas and items now have wide and full choices.
    * New: Added FI location: bg parallax full width
    * New: Header Logo Links to home
    * New: Add Site Title to Left Side of Primary Menu
    * New: Add Search Icon to Right Side of Primary Menu
    * New: Improved Search Box – Former Icon Selections removed, just used font colors now
    * New: New Global Site Layout Options for Header/Container/Footer: fullwidth, stretched, boxed, custom
    * New: Changed Expand full width description to Stretch
    * New: New Minimum Height for improved Parallax Control: Minimum Header Height, Minimum Post Height, Minimum Single Page Height
    * New: Extensive new integration with Elementor and SiteOrigin page builders:
    * “Your Page Builder Plugin” page template
    * New Per Page support for page builder as header/footer replacement
    * Global Elementor color scheme replacement
    * New: Auto-save of Menu definitions and Widgets used when switching themes
    * New: Brand new set of subthemes, and a new default subtheme
    * New: Alternate “Edit” buttons for Classic, Gutenberg, and Elementor editors
    * New: Arctic White – new default subtheme
    * New: Cosmic Latte subtheme

    * Enhancement: Added SmallCaps variant of Alegreya sans and sans-serif font

    * Change: Basic SmartMenu in Free Version. Weaver Xtreme Plus has advanced SmartMenu Options
    * Change: Significant Improvement of Customizer Interface Levels
    * Names changed to: Basic, Standard, Full
    * Customizer menus reorganized for new levels
    * Basic Level contains better set of options. Many users will never need to use higher levels
    * Change: several subthemes modified to use new Wide/Full display modes
    * Change: several subthemes removed from choices

    * Tweaks: Minor styling changes for better Gutenberg integration: hr, blockquote
    * Fix: Align wide for GB basic image block

    * Fix: Issue when primary/secondary have top margin set and fix to top on scroll selected
    * Fix: Right padding on sub-menus
    * Fix: Incorrect sheme.org code added to compact posts with image
    * Fix: missing close div on page with post template
    * Fix: Weaver .center changed to .align-center to avoid conflict with Gutenberg
    * Fix: Right padding issue with main menu bar when using separator bars

    * IMPORTANT NOTICE: some theme files have significant changes to add the page builder support – header.php and footer.php have important changes. These may require fixes in child themes.


    I have updated the Full Width Guide article accordingly

    Full Width Designs


    Updated to v. 4.0 as well as the plugin, and the entire site went haywire.

    New v. 4.0 updated site: http://bonitacd.org

    Note some of the forms: http://cityofbonitaspringscd.org/zoning/

    Original setup (this is a backup site): http://cdvps.org/bu

    Note how that same page use to look before this upgrade: http://cdvps.org/bu/zoning/

    Can someone please help??


    I had to temporarily redirect the URL to my backup site because it became useless.  Hopefully we can find a solution to this.  I’ll provide the url for the broken site if needed. 🙁



    Please do provide the link to the broken site


    Hi Scambler-

    Here’s what I had to do, and where I am.

    1. Redirect the main website URL on my server to point to the back-up page (which wasn’t updated).
    2. Then I had a hard time going back to the original corrupted page because I used a “go-live” plugin to rename all my URLs to the backed-up site.
    3. I deleted the entire main site directory, and uploaded my backup and restored
    4. Pointed my domain back to the directory where the original (now restored) site lived and remained the URLs again. Now the live site says “PENDING RESTORATION” on it just so I can distinguish one from the other.

    What happened:

    1. I usually just click on the Weaver updates and never experienced a problem, so assumed the same here.  However, I updated the extreme paid plug-in first, THEN updated the theme.  Maybe that’s what caused it???
    2. Once I went t the site, the tables we use for forms, etc. all had borders, and were not wrapping right.  It’s difficult to explain so I’m trying the following…

    I’m trying to get back into the backed-up site but it’s difficult because I updated the darn URL in wp general settings.  If I can get in, I’ll update Weaver so you can see for yourself.  If not, I’ll restore a fresh copy and update it so you can see.  This is definitely worth looking at.  Unless you know a way I can login to WP with the directory listing and get into the admin panel so I can change the url and update the theme. 🙁





    There is a significant chance that the optimizer plugin you are using that seems to combine all the .css files and .js files is breaking the new version.

    Try to disable it. If that fixes it, please let us know exactly which optimizer you were using, and we can try to see what might be going on. But there it always have been iffy to use optimizer plugins with Weaver Xtreme – it already compresses the .css and .js files, and many optimizers will break already optimized code.

    Weaver Xtreme Plus has not yet changed – it is still on Version 3. An updated Version 4 is in the works.

    If there is also some caching going on with the optimizer, it is almost certain things will break as there have been very significant changed to the core CSS that styles the pages.

    And if you are using a child theme, depending on what parent files you modified, there also is a chance that is causing issues.


    Mr. Weaver / Scambler, here we go …

    1. I restored the original site and updated the Weaver theme to 4.0
    2. I have not updated the Weaver XTreme Theme Support plug-in v. 4.0 yet
    3. I use WP Fastest Cache [Premium] and currently have it enabled
    4. I’m not using a child theme
    5. I cleared the cache using the plugin (no change)

    Note what it has done to the website (I’ll post original pages, and broken ones directly below) — same content/layout

    Original: http://cityofbonitaspringscd.org
    Updated: http://cdvps.org/bu (you will begin seeing lines and wrapping issue with the columns when compared to the original)

    Original: http://cityofbonitaspringscd.org/cdprojects
    Updated: http://cdvps.org/bu/cdprojects (again, there appears to be a wrapping issue)

    Original: http://cityofbonitaspringscd.org/building-commercial
    Updated: http://cdvps.org/bu/building-commercial

    Also note what happened to the search bar (upper right, with the updated version). UPDATE: When I cleared the browser cache, the search bar looks OK now.

    ** Please let me know when you have viewed the differences so I can disable the cache plugin and see if it makes a difference.



    It seems most of the issues are related to some new table CSS Weaver Xtreme 4 added (I believe for better Gutenberg compatibility).

    To check this theory out, add this new global custom css rule.

    table { table-layout: auto; }

    That seems to fix most of the differences I’ve spotted. I think I will revert to auto in the next fixup release, but need to double check how it interacts with Gutenberg.


    Within Weaver?


    Yes – add that to the Weaver Xtreme Custom CSS – Legacy Interface : Main Options : Fonts & Custom : Custom CSS Rules


    OK. That seems to have fixed the table wrapping issue. It also wrapped the columns on the first page nicely, though I can still see these thin outlines around the columns and the social media icons (bottom left).

    Feel free to have a look.

    UPDATE:  Yikes! Spoke too soon. On mobile device the tables to not paginate/resize like they do in the not updated version.


    Which sites are you testing? The /bu  versions, or the original?

    If I look at any of the /bu sites in your links above, they all work with the table-layout rule changed to auto (changed using a browser inspector tool).


    This includes a mobile view.



    I’m testing your code with the /bu site only.


    I’ve cleared my iPhone 6, reloaded and it’s not paginating like the original site. I wish I could take a screen capture to send you. 😞

    Also, just tried using my wife’s iPhone 7 and same thing happens.


    Are you speaking of the grey border around all the cells of the table?

    Because these appear to be coming from CSS rules with selector starting with .cbResult…  which are not weaver, and I don’t see a border around the social media icons

    If not what you meant, can you elaborate


    UPDATE:  I removed my cache plugin and the wrapping issue now works perfectly on my mobile devices.


    Looks like I’ll stay away from cache plugins from now on.

    Still see the thin lines though. But all tho he considered, that’s minor. 😞



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