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    I have disabled Tagline and Title (H1 and H2) in the theme:
    Hide Site Tagline: V
    Hide Site Title: V

    For SEO purposes, my post name is the H1 per page
    However, review the code per page, i can see that the tagline and title (site H1 and H2 which are diabled in theme), are shown in the html code.
    Thus, Google sees 2 H1.
    First is empty (since my site title is empty), and second H1 which is my post/page title (which i want to be sole H1)

    How can i remove the “hidden” from the html code for SEO purposes. any SEO scanner will indicate this as an issue as well.


    <header id=”branding” role=”banner”>
        <div id=”title-tagline” class=”clearfix ” >
    <h1 id=”site-title” class=”hide”><a href=”http://dummysite.com/&#8221; title=”” rel=”home”>

    <h2 id=”site-tagline” class=”hide”><span></span></h2>
    <div id=”site-logo” class=”site-logo “></div>
    </div><!– /.title-tagline –>


    You need to trust the theme and WordPress. You really must put a title and tagline in the settings box.

    These values, and the associated code have been developed and tested over many years by WP to yield the best SEO results. All the SEO plugins count on those values being there. They are what the search engines index – even if they are hidden by the theme options. And that is why they are always included in the page output – they are really “required” items.

    Because Weaver Xtreme generates a modern HTML5 site, old fashioned expectations of how H1 is treated no longer apply. Trust in the WP standards for Title and Tagline.

    If you are concerned about SEO, you really must use a WP SEO plugin such as the leading Yoast’s “WprdPress SEO” plugin. Learn how to use it, and don’t use outdated concepts of having only one H1. Weaver is totally compliant with how the title/tagline is generated so that it can be properly optimized by SEO plugins.


    That being the case, why is it that both Google & Bing tell me that I should fix the two H1 tags and that there should only be one H1 per page???


    Weaver Xtreme follows HTML5 guidelines for <h1> and uses the first <h1> as the site title, and subsequent <h1>’s inside <article>s.

    See: https://webdesign.tutsplus.com/articles/the-truth-about-multiple-h1-tags-in-the-html5-era–webdesign-16824

    At this point in the SEO world, I believe the consensus is that proper use of <h1> and <article> should have minimal effect on SEO. It has been perhaps 3 years since Weaver Xtreme adopted the HTML5 guidelines, and it certainly would not be possible to change that decision at at this point given there are tens of thousands of Weaver Xtreme sites based on this decision. Any attempt to change this would result in total chaos in how many existing Weaver Xtreme sites are displayed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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